Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the one with my sons first week, what a week

Hola Everybody!!!! yep its me once again reporting live from cold Santiago! Happy late Memorial day!, i totally forgot that holiday existed, its been a while since ive been stateside. This has been quite the week and its gone by pretty dang fast, as you all know i got my son and we're going on a week together and his like 3rd week in Chile. Ill get straight to the details.

my kids name is Elder Andrade from Mar de plata, Argentina. thats right my sons argentine how cool right. hes not your classic argentine, hes a big boy hes like 6'4'' and he used to play rugby and basketball. Hes a youngin though, just turned 18 and hes a total sweetheart. He made me dinner the other night (see photo) and hes excited and energized to work and to learn, he really wants to learn english too so im teaching him that too. this has been a great experience so far so alls good on that front. 

This week has been full of teaching (people and my companion) a lot of patience and dramatic experiences. so short little story our investigators that have planned to get baptized the 15th of July Patricia and Walter are doing good for the most part but this week was kinda bumpy, we could definitely see Satan working against their choice to follow Jesus Christ. so one night we were going to pass by to teach them and then when we got to the door the mom came out (patricia) crying telling us how walter got beat up by his older brother and took off. so we went to go look for him and during the search the dog of patricia was crossing the street to go check out another dog when, BAM it got hit by a car, just when she stopped crying that happened and she started balling again. we had no idea what to do and it was getting late, so what we did was we said a prayer asking for a special blessing over patricia and her family (including her dog) and we had to leave to go home. I was traumatized that night, but the next day at church, she showed up with the family with smiles and i was like what the heck and apparently all was resolved in her family and her dog was healed miraculously over night. the power of prayer, still continues to surprise me.

anyways all is good im happy, my son is alive and we are loving being the service of the Lord. the church is true, priesthood is real and prayers can make miracles happen, miracles still exist, they didnt cease to exist when Jesus Christ did. 

I wish you all a great week and i love you all very much. 

love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:

1. little mixed pug/ terrier mix kind of dogs are indestructable
2. tall argentines are believed to be gringo to the average chilean
3. dont speak french to a colombian that you think is haitian...they get really pissed, it didnt happen to me by the way just to make that clear, but a valuable lesson to be learned all the same

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