Tuesday, May 23, 2017

the one where im gunna be a dad!!!

Hola Everybody how are we all doing???? i hope you guys are all well and preparing yourselves for the summer time!!! WHile im starting to bundle myself up out here (fyi im writing with a a suit, a huge jacket and a scarf on...i never wear scarves), i actually have some news for all ya'll. IM GUNNA BE A DAD but no not in the sense you all think. When i say that i mean that im going to train a brand new missionary and teach him how to be a missionary. today im going to pick him up from the office and bring him back to my area and from there his training begins, i dont know what country hes from yet but ill let ya'll know next week!!! So yeah thats my assignment from President, and im also going to be district leader and im staying in my same sector Alberdi 2 for 3 more months!!!! im happy and excited for this opportunity to serve and have more responsibility. 

SO yeah we had our last week together wth Elder Carrizo and now hes in LOS ANDES so hes happy and im happy for him!!! 

Oh i also had the chance to skype my amazing beautiful family that i love so much and we had a great time together. totally made my day. nothing i love more in this world.

so all in all i cant complain im happy, things are happening and we'll see what the Lord has in store the next couple months. I know the Church is true and that we are helping others come unto Christ and change lives. Heavenly Father loves us and i love all of you too. Take care eveyone and have a great week!!!!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:

1. there is no such thing as public bathrooms in chile, trust me i would know
2. when you cant pay for the bus cause you dont have money you just say "permiso" and you can get on anyways, kind of messed up
3. i thought smoking was a problem here but not until we hit winter time, they fill their lunges with toxins to somehow feel warmer. thats actually their insides burning

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