Wednesday, May 3, 2017

the one with more earthquakes, masterchef and wedding planning

Hola Everybody up north!!! how is everything going on the other side of the equator? things are a little shaky down here, lol get it? haha im lame i know. But for real this week has been crazy and fun like always, the mission is bomb seriously never know whats gunna happen next. but yeah we've had little earthquakes here and there and they say we'll be experienced a big boy soon, the tectonic plates have to move back to their normal positions and thats gunna cause some noise haha. but no worries we're good here, Chile is too prepared, this is every day ish for these people.

But this week has been full of teaching and finding some amazing people! but just a few highlights, i went on an interchange to a different sector and lucky me i just happened to be there for a ward activity where they did a chilean version of masterchef and i was a judge, life is rough as a missionary. the best was definitely the creme brullee. see winner at the bottom.

and the big highlight was that we have an investigator named Carol who is preparing to get baptized the 28th of May but one little problem, shes not married. no worries no worries we taught her that she needs to marry her boyfreind that she lives with and has a baby girl with in order to get baptized and they are setting up the arrangement to make it happen, so far so good haha. thats not always the case when you drop the marriage card here in Chile.

but yeah things are just keeping on and im happy safe and healthy so thanks for the love and the prayers, theyre definitely felt.

I love ya'll so much and i wish you all a great week!!! the Church is true!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera 

facts of the week:
1. the idea of marriage is considered way out fashion and unnecessary here in Chile, good thing God never goes out of fashion
2. never just assume that a dark skinned person here is Haitian, they get mad when you try and speak to them in french and theyre actually from the Dominican Republic, that was embarrassing
3. as long as you know how to say "whats up" "whats your name" and "May God bless you" you are in with every Haitian that you meet

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