Wednesday, May 10, 2017

the one with praying for knees and being called omish

Hola everybody how is everyone? im doing great down here not gunna lie this week was super fast and it was full of experiences and memories for sure. We have been quite busy this week with teaching our new investigators, we had stake conference here and that absolutely awesome. i could go on but to sum up the week im going to share a few experiences we had this week:

so this week one night i was bed sleeping like a baby when all of a sudden around 3 am my comp wakes me up and im all freaked out and hes like (in spanish) "pray with me, pray with me" and without thinking twice, i jump out of bed and get on my knees not even knowing exactly why, i was so out of it. and then i was even like "can i say the prayer" and so i start praying and i realize that i dont know why we're praying and my comp is use to having stomach problems so i pray for his stomach then i ask in midprayer "why are we praying" and he responded with "pesadillas" which means nightmares but i head "rodillas" which means knees so i prayed for his knees to feel better and then i got back into bed and fell back to sleep. Next monring i go up to him and im like "how are your knees feeling?" and he was like "great! they werent ever bad" and then he explained to me my mistake hahahaha i couldnt stop laughing

another experience... so we're trying to find this family that we met to go teach them and they told us this one house so we go and this house has like a million rooms rented out and this random haitian lets us in and we are just looking at all the different rooms and we had zero idea which was the family we were looking for and we couldnt remember there names so we started screaming "hello, new family from Peru are you there?" and then out of no where this haitian dude shows up and talks to me in perfect english and i was so thrown off guard. his name was Jeff and hes from New York and his eyes were like the size of my fist it was intimidating. then he asked what we were doing and we said we´re missionaries and he was liek "ohhhh so you guys are Omish" and im like noooo we're Mormon hahahaha it was weird and i was like where do you live so we can pass by to visit you and he was like "oh im not gunna tell you" and then he took off. i had no idea how much of that conversation my comp understood but i look over to him and in his english he was like "that guy was weird" hahaha it was hilarious. but all in all we found the family and it all went well haha. 

but yeah some great experinces this past happy and safe and healthy and just loving life down here in the great CHILE. The Church is true and i wouldnt be doing what im doing if it wasnt i promise. i love you all and i wish you all a great week.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:

1. tear gas is actually really irritating, its impossible to cross a street while in the middle of tear gas, i learned that today
2. Chile has random riots for some weird student rights or something just randomly and on a random tuesday while missioanries are trying to have fun
3. The US isnt the only ones that hose people down with water during riots, Chile proved that today it was awesome i almost got a photo, sorry gang

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