Friday, March 16, 2018

The one where i go to Conchali

Hola Everyone!!! well heres the latest updates: i am no longer in Colina i was transfered to a new area called Ferm├Čn Vivaceta in the zone of Conchali. my new companion is elder darren whiting from Mesa, AZ. we came to the mission together and we're actually going home the same day too so we have a history together haha. But yeah it was so sad having to say goodbye to the area and all the people i grew to love but thats the mission for ya. its full of hellos and goodbyes and you know you loved the people when it hurts to say goodbye. i guess i loved them too much haha. but i know ill learn to love the people in my new area as well. but this time the goodbye will be when i go home. i just want to invite you guys all to appreciate what you have and not only when you dont have it anymore because by then its too late. but we'll see what this new area has in store for me and ill be keeping you posted on all our adventures. 

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

Monday, March 12, 2018

The one with Jadens birthday party

Hola everyone!!! yeah its me and this time i come with photos again!!! thats right i got my camera and now you guys can have actual evidence that im alive and well and that its still me thats writing every week haha. this week passed by way fast especially the weekend. this past weekend we had district conference here in Colina and it was wonderful, great talks and the spirit was definitely present. but on top of that, we had a PIZZA PARTY!! thats right i havent had one since like the 6th grade but my buddy Jaden Meservy (President and Hermana Meservy's son) turned 14 on saturday and we all celebrated with pizza, root beer, dr pepper and mint brownies! you have no idea how much i was in heaven i havent had any of that stuff in a long time, i nearly cried when i saw the rootbeer cans hahaha. so it was great!!! besides that alls well here, this coming week we should be having transfers and most likely my companion Elder Puello is taking off to another zone to continue his mission, we've been together for 4 months and its always a little sad to say goodbye but thats the mission for ya. stand by to see what happens. anyways i guess until next week!!! take care everyone! 

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. there was a rumor around here that Trump declared war on Chile and everybody became anti.gringo for a good 2 days hahaha
2. when you dont know what to say but you need to kill time its super easy in Chilean spanish, you just stress the sylablles and the time flies by

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The burning ceviche 1-Elder Cabrera 0

HOLAAAA Everybody!!!! Long time no talk! sorry about no email last week, things were hectic and i couldnt get around to it. but im here im here safe and sound so no worries. youre favorite chile missionary is still going strong down here in Santiago and wow how the time flies. its getting harder and harder to write these emails because everythings starting to just blend together and when the time comes to tell you all about it, i dont remember a thing. you can all imagine how frustrating that might be. 

so lets see whats the latest in life, well we've just been visiting a bunch of people and helping in anyway i can. ive come across a new perspective of missionary work. i use to look at it as a day by day door knocking fest, where we just had to knock a bunch of doors try to share the gospel with anyone we saw and that was it. in a certain regard, thats not incorrect. but what ive learned is that its so much more than just that. what we do is we lift people up who donty have the strength to lift themselves up. we help people progress, we help people learn and make changes and in the process, we do the same. Ive developed a new appreciation for this work, and its taken me about 21 months to do it haha. dont take missionaries for granted, on the contrary, take advantage of their dedication and their desire to serve and allow them to use you as a reference and a guide to bring this Gospel to all our friends and loves ones. a missionary has power to change lives, and thats something im really gunna miss after all of this. but im not done yet so im going to make the most of it while i still have it.

just a few thoughts i thought id share this week. i love you all very much and i wish you my best. sorry there arent any photos, the computer isnt recognizing my camera so hopefully next week. 

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:

1. peruvian ceviche makes hot cheetos seem like baby food. so ive ate mexican ceviche no big deal, but this week i tried an authentic peruvian ceviche with a bunch of peruvians and i felt my insides melt a little bit, all the peruvians just laughed at us and ate it like it was no big deal

Saturday, February 24, 2018

the one where i defend myself with a shovel

Hola Everyone!!! another week has past and that means 7 days of experiences, laughter, and miracles! Every week in the mission had something new and different to offer, the adventure is finding out what that one thing will be this week. so instead of going on and on about how the week was good and the classic deal, im gunna tell you all a story.

so 9:50 last wednesday, we arrive home after a full day of preaching the gospel, not one time did we come home that day from the time we left in the morning. so we get home, Elder Puello goes to unlock the gate so we can go in and then open the house door. but when he goes he realizes the gates already open, and then he asks me "did you leave the light on when we left?" and i was like "no, did you?" and he was like "nope". by that point we were freaked out, we thought someone was inside maybe some homeless dude, maybe a thief in the act or whatever. i go inside the gate and i tell my comp to have my back. but he was like "nah im gunna stay here" and i was like "what if they kill me?!" and he was like "if they kill you theyre definitely gunna kill me too". yeah so i was like whatever at that point, i found a shovel outside and i crept through the back side of the house to enter the back door, the back door was already open. so i enter very sneakily and everything ready to defend myself but turns out nobody was there. the burglar has came and gone with my camera, my electric razor, a hammer, a a screwdriver, a flashlight and other meangless items. and from my companion's things....absolutely nothing. that lucky punk.

so i guess we all learned something from this, always lock up well, always have a shovel near by and when it comes to a fight, my comp will support me from afar. Awesome. I hope you liked the story, im sorry for zero photos but for obvious reasons there werent any to send today haha.

I wish you all a great week and i send my best.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

Friday, February 9, 2018

The week where I was asked to be a son-in-law

Hola Everyone!!! This week has been great down here in Colina Chile, i was finally able to upload the photos from Genessis' baptism so feel free to check those out at the bottom. this week was really good, the weeks are getting shorter but not as short as the number of weeks i have left, too crazy to think about. but I'm just trying to make the most out of everything and try to take it all in. It's funny cause I'm finding everything more meaningful this way, the food we eat, the lessons we teach, the experiences we 're having.
But this week was good, Genessis was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and received the gift of the holy ghost. it was so special.

but funny experience of the week:
the other day we were knocking doors and trying to talk to people and this one lady came out kind of distressed about something, we offered her a card with a little question to think about and the question was: how can i achieve peace and happiness in my life? and when she read that she was shocked and said that she was in need of those two things. then she asked why we came to her house and we said " we felt like we needed to meet you" and she started to tear up. She told us to come back another day to share our message and then as she got to know us she asked about what we do, why we do it, how do we have money if we don't work, and then she got on the topic if we had girlfriends. My companion told her yes and i said nope I'm single haha. she then asked me if i wanted to be her son-in-law and called for her daughter to come meet us hahaha. it was hilarious but a very spiritual experience for us as well. it just goes to show that there are people waiting for this message, we just have to find them and have the guts to knock the door or open our mouths.

well thats all for this week, i love you all and have a great week.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. in colombia Cartagena, they dont have addresses, you cant just type in a street name and a number and get there, i feel terrible for FedEx
2. the word tonto in spanish can mean silly or stupid but it depends completely on how they say it, half the time i cant tell the difference

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

the one with Genesis' baptism!!!

Hola Everyone, so this week has been so busy we've been all over the place preparing for a baptism and  being an experienced missionary, it's still a lot of work.
i'll see if i can give you all a rundown of what went on during the week.

so a baptism is no simple task, you have to plan the service, get baptism clothes, assign talks, invite members to go to the baptism, confirm with leaders and then maybe, with luck, youve got yourself a baptism. 

but all in all it was a great week, Genesis was totally prepared, the service went great, i had the honor of baptizing her so that was a neat experience. but on top of the baptism i was also called to give a talk in church, teach sunday school and make sure everything was prepared for the baptism afterwards, i think i walked around the church than i do a normal day in the street. but ya know i love what i do and i know that in not much longer i wont be doing what i do ever again so you can imagine that im trying to make the most of it. i love being a missionary, talking with strangers, walking like crazy and changing lives. I love representing the Lord's name on my chest all day long. i feel out of place without that plaque. the experience of a lifetime.

i wish you guys all the best and ill see you all soon.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. haitians are like clowns, you can walk into a tiny house and find that 20 all live in the same room, like how?
2. Latinos dont use pepper all that often, i cooked some eggs with pepper and they thoguht it was the strangest thing ever
3. in computers here in central santiago dont allow my camera to upload photos so sorry guys, next week

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

the week where i think im a miner

Hoooola Everyone!!! Long time no talk! nah just kidding its just been 8 days haha. i hope everyone is doing well and getting back to school and not stressing too hard. Well this week has been good in a bunch of ways, first off we were all able to hear from the new President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson for those that havent gotten the announcement. thats right we have a modern day prophet just like back in Bible times, theres a man with all the power and all the authority just like Moises, Abraham, Isaiah etc. so that was pretty cool.

we had the opportunity to do a bit off service at an old mans house whos half blind, we cleaned up his back lawn, took out all the weeds and brush thats grown in and i had the luck to use the pickaxe and go to town on those bushes, i had a lot of fun to say the least. 

we have a great investiagtor progressing named Genesis and she is gunna be baptized this coming sunday so thats exciting, stand by for photos! shes already asking about how she can get to the temple and even how she can serve a mission like me! it was so awesome, nearly brought tears to my eyes. 

well thats the update for the week, if anyone has questions feel free to email me personally and ill try to get back to ya!
Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. its nearly impossible to have a pick axe and not at least whistle if not sing the hi-ho song from Snow White
2. latinos have very mixed feelings about gringos, they either ask them a bunch of questions as if they were movie stars or they have an internal hatred toward you, either way its fun