Tuesday, January 9, 2018

the one with wendy's

Hola friends and fam!!! Its Elder Cabrera reporting once again. man these weeks go fast and im starting to realize i dont have that many left. but we're not worrying about that just yet. anyways allow me to give ya'll a rundown on the week. so for the most part it was a normal week nothing too out of the ordinary or whatnot. so basically this week ive got some good news and ive got some bad/more like sad news. 

since i know how everyone is, i'll start with the sad news, President Thomas S. Monson the Prophet passed away this past week last tuesday night at the age of 90. He was an extroadinary man who dedicated his life to the ministery of Jesus Christ and brightened the lives of everyone who knew him through his faith and his pure love of Christ. He graduated from this mortal life and has taken his place much closer to our Heavenly Father. I dont weep for him, im proud of what he's achieved, in reality what each of us want to achieve. 

and on the bright side the good news, I ATE WENDYS TODAY!! thats right folks wendys has finally made its way to chile in a mall in the middle of nowhere outside of santiago center. its was amazing i nearly cried because it reminded me of home. so i hope youre all happy for me it was a big day for me today haha.

but besides that im great, im safe im healthy and im teaching people the truth about Jesus and his Gospel. what more can a guy ask for?

love you all!
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. when a prophet dies, the senior apostle of the quorum of the 12 apostles (thats right theres 12 just like Jesus Christ had, coincidence? absolutely not) becomes the next president of the church. 
2. the wendys here in chile has everything EXCEPT frosties!!! thats a crime against humanity im pretty sure poor chileans they dont know what theyre being robbed of. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

the one with adios a 2017

Thats right everyone! it´s officially 2018 and its gunna be a fantastic year!!! i hope you all had great new years eve celebrations and youve set all your goals for the new year. i had an awesome new years too we ate dinner with our fav family here in Colina, we ate a family tradition then we sang kareoke and then we had to head home but the family sent us off with our lil martinellis bottle to celebrate at midnight haha. then we pop the bottle and watched fireworks, it was definitely memorable. this is going to be a big year for me. my last months in the mission, the return home and the return to normal life, its gunna be a busy year. but how exciting it all is. im just trying to make the most of each of my 365 days that i get. I hope youre all good and that youre starting your year off right. i dont have much to report but ill talk to you all later!!!
Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. everyone lights flammable lanterns and throws em up in the sky, its like tangled i almost started singing "Now i see the light"

2. chileans have their own version of the new years countdown on tv but it doesnt beat times square

the one with the last christmas

Feliz Navidad a todos!!! i hope everyone had a wonderful day and Santa made your days jolly haha. well thats it guys, my last christmas in the mission, next one ill be in good old fresno walking down christmas tree lane, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying a winter christmas again. but believe it or not, this christmas was definitely a memorable one, ill never forget this past christmas here in Colina, Chile. i spent the night with a family i love, we ate a nice turkey dinner and we sang disney and michael buble haha. there wasnt snow, there wasnt gifts, there wasnt hot chocolate, but i loved it all the same. Christmas is what you make of it and this year it was made special. i guess theres not much to say but as we go into this new year of 2018 i invite you all to set goals, see what it is that you want to accomplish with your 2018 and then your mind to doing it. we have a year of new chances, new experiences, new lessons to learn. lets make the most of the 365 days that we get. i love you all and i want the best for you all believe it or not. i wish you all my best and happy new year.

love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. even chileans love a nice turkey dinner
2. everyone celebrates christmas eve and christmas day is like any other day haha

Sunday, December 24, 2017

the one with transfers before christmas

Hola Everybody! your favorite missionary coming your way once again from down here in Santiago.
So this week in a nut shell went by really fast. today were transfers in the mission and your home boy and his companion Elder Puello are staying in esmeralda for the holidays so we chillin for now. but unfortunately the other 2 missionaries from esmeralda cant say the same. thats right elder west from colorado and elder muñoz from puerto montt chile are taking off so it was sad saying goodbye to our buddies cause we grew real close. but thats how the mission is, hellos and goodbyes all the time, its an emotional rollercoaster but you learn a lot during the ride. but other than that we're good we're happy, and trying to not melt before christmas. I wanted to say to you all that i wish you a Merry Christmas, while i spend my last christmas away from home and my family i just ask that you cherish the one that you have. love them, enjoy the little things because you dont realize how special they are until you dont have them. trust me i know. I hope you all are on santas nice list and that you enjoy the true reason for the season. i guess thats all for now. have a great week and i love you all and miss you a bunch. 

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week: 
1. everyone and their mother wants to go to miami here, they think its their escape since its the states but you dont need to know english to get around, what cheaters
2. here in chile theres a version of fruit cake called pan de pascua and everyone eats it here but the peruvians have a much better version called panetón and im telling you the chileans dont know what theyre missing out on...Peru 1 Chile 0
3. so here theres a system of taxis called collectivos and how it works is that you pay 500 pesos which is about 80 cents and they drive certain routes and you have to get off at some point in that route and you get in with complete strangers, its like a bus system but as taxi cars, it takes a bit of getting use to but its cool

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

the one with the breakfast burritos

Hola Everyone!!! here we are another tuesday in melting december down here in Chile. all you guys going skiing and snow ball fights and drinking hot chocolate, i envy you. haha but honestly im fine its not my first chilean christmas but sadly enough it is my last so ill be definitely making some memories this year but we still have like 2 weeks. what to say about the week, we're getting into dead summer here and we're feeling it, we're drinking a lot of water, walking in as much shade as we can find and putting on sunscreen every 4 hours haha i hope youre proud momma. but we cut loose a bit today with a water balloon fight some volleyball, basketball and a barbecue, summer traditions right? 

but as far as everything going on, we're still working hard and trying to bring this gospel to everyone we can, in every language we can possibly speak. i wanted to take a moment to say that i have learned so much during my time as a missionary. ive truly grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally, maybe even a little physically. i will never regret the 2 years im giving to my Heavenly Father. if you guys have any questions, or just want to say whats up id appreciate the email. and also if we can all pray for the people being affected by the fires in southern california these days, im sure theyd all be very grateful. i love you all and i hope you have a wonderful week. 

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

fun facts of the week:
1. everyone and their mother sells popsicles out of their houses during summer, i cant walk 10 feet without the option of a cheap popsicle
2. its totally normal to sell stuff straight out of your house whether it be bread, water, or pet hamsters you dont have to go far to find what you need
3. when you tell a chilean to eb somewhere at 8 oclock, him and you both know he'll get there at 9-9:30 its just the truth 

the one with the chilean mansion

Hoa Everybody!!! Really quick sorry guys i dont have much time this week, long story but i wanted to make sure to write you all so you know im alive and well down here in my new country haha. this week has been great full of heat, funny experiences and spiritual ones as well. i had a great opportunity to have an intercambio with a buddy of miner Elder McCurdy from Conneticut, i know random state right i didnt know there are mormons there either haha. but it was great and we saw this beautiful mansion in the middle of nowhere, sometimes that happens here in Chile. but Johnson was also confrimed a member of the church and i was able to give him the gift of the holy ghost, it was my first time ever doing the ordinance and it was so amazing, the Spirit was truly present. anyways thats the highlight of the week. some of you might have seen a video of me and a few other missionaries singing silent night since my mom posted it everywhere, im sorry i was definitely not thinking that was gunna go on the internet...no harm done i suppose haha. Have a great week!!!

facts of the week
1. the chilean dogs are an advanced species they dont only bark and try to bite you but they run formations and try to attack from the high ground, i nearly peed my pants
2. when youre a missionary and you know people, those people everyonce in a while sure come in handy, i met abus driver that i didnt know the next day would be giving me a free ride to where i needed to go, its all about who you know

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

the one with the bowling win

Hola Everyone!!!! Another week has passed in the wonderful time which is the mission, every week is getting faster. but this week was a really good one not gunna lie. first off we had a baptism, our buddy Johnson Bordes got baptized on Sunday and it was a really beautiful service, he seems really happy. this week has been great in the life of a missionary baptizing, teaching, talking to people, helping people and just trying to make the world a better place. how can i not be happy?

And on top of that today we went bowling and i started off kinda poorly but i sure heated up and ended up winning out of the group, so check me out I'm a mean green baptizing strike machine haha. I'm totally just joking. but sorry i don't have more to say i'm just happy and content and learning more everyday. i wish you all the best and have a wonderful week!!!!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. it is hard to set up a baptismal service without something messing up, poor Johnson didn't have hot water to get baptized in
2. people here when they're hot just open fire hydrants and start playing in the water, I'm pretty sure that's illegal where I'm from