Friday, November 17, 2017

the one with the first week in colina

Hola Everybody!!! Its me again ive made it one week in my new sector in Colina just so you guys all know Colina in spanish means hill so i guess you could say im in the middle of a few hills haha not a great description i know. but yeah so its been a super busy week with getting to know, well everyone. im the newbie in the sector so ive been saying hi to a lot of faces ive never seen beofre getting to know everyone. the mission is sure full of a lot of hellos and goodbyes, im good at the hellos but the goodbyes are still kinda tough for me, youd think id be a pro by now. but anyways alls been good here just learning more everyday and working hard. its gottin so hot that i feel like im drinking 10 liters of water daily just to stay standing haha. but thats the mission life gotta love it. ive been good and ill be even better as i get use to things here just keep me n your prayers, and i hope you know that youre all in mine as well. well thats about it for now, side note: a drunk man that we were talking with last night named jota said that if he was a girl he would be dating me hahaha and then he gave me a lettuce head to take home, it was hilarious. memories like that is what its all about i suppose, oh yeah and teaching the gospel ;) i wish you all a great week and i send you my best!!!
Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera
facts of the week:
1. in chile its rude to shake hands with gloves on, its a lack of respect, just fyi
2. here the children dont believe in the tooth fairy they believe in ratoncito, some rat that comes in the night an takes teth and leaves money, that sounds terrifying if you ask me...
3. all streets in chile are named after some famous chilean person, but the catch is that every chilean is either named luis, marco, fernando or roberto so it can make things a little complicated

Saturday, November 11, 2017

the one with halloween, last birthday in the mission and too many tears

Hola Everybody!!! so here i am coming to you live once again. this week has been a week to remember to say the least. so many experiences and memories were made, happy and sad. the biggest news is that thursday night i got a call saying i had transfers and my last day in Llay Llay would be November 20th birthday. it was the saddest birthday of my life saying goodbye to the people i love here in beautiful LLay LLay. ill never forget the memories i made here and all the lessons learned. best few months of my mission. Now im with a guy from Colombia named Elder Puello here in a zone called Colina Esmeralda. its still otuside Santiago but a good in between city and country. I want to say thanks to all those that send me birthday wishes,i really appreciate it and i can say that next year ill be state side once again. i love you all soo much and i love the mission. i love the people i serve, i love where i am and i love having the name of Jesus Christ on my chest each and every day. ill talk to you all next week!!!!!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera (20 year old)

facts of the week:

1. people in llay llay love the missionaries so much to the point of crying when they leave
2. the more the people cry the more you know they love you
3. greasers are super orginial costumes here in chile, and the easiest thing ever for a missionary

 i cant send photos from the computer that im at but next week for sure, get ready for a picture overload!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

the one with the bmx tricks

Hola Everybody!!! Here i am another week in windy LLay LLay, youd think im in chicago except all the tall buildings and style and police violence. But yeah its been a great week here we are coming into my last week of the transfer with my comp and im thinking hes out of town coming next Monday so we're making the most of the time we still have together. we have some great pics and stuff so stand by and more will come givin we have halloween (favorite holiday) and as i come to the end of my 19th year of life. i know crazy stuff, last birthday in the mission, none of ya'll knew me as a 19 year old but ill see you all as a 20 year old. so yeah things are great, riding bikes a lot, preaching the gospel and soaking up the sun (unfortunately too much). i wish you all a great week a happy halloween and may all your trick or treating be successful tonight. (especially you Kami Lu)

I love you all so much talk to ya next week!!!

Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. its completely normal for haitians to live like 20 in a small house. theyre all very close.
2. its required to use helmets as missionaries on bikes, i feel lame but on occasions i see the necessity
3. people in chile wait until the day of to buy all their halloween costumes, it stresses me out

Saturday, October 28, 2017

the one with the creole ward

Hola Everybody!!!! I hope everyones been doing well and enjoying there fall, things are actually heating up down here in Chile as we're getting into spring, more like mid summer it feels like (see photo below, promise i put on sunscreen mom). but this week was great it went by fast but just from being busy and having fun. I had a great interchange with my buddy Andrew Flores from Orem, UT. and i realized that we're like the same person, it was crazy, missinary work is so fun when you have so much to talk about with your companion, we just talked all day long and it passed by too fast. We met a dude that lived in New Jersey for like 20 years and it was so weird to hear the mixture of his spanish with a jersey accent, i imitate it all the time now haha. but the best part of the week, obviously sunday when i kid you not over 20 haitains showed up to church, the building was full of just stylish haitians there to worship God, it was so awesome. Man life is good, the things i see everyday continue to surprise me. 

but yeah that was basically my week and i wish you all a great week as well, until next tuesday guys!!!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. Chilean, New Jerseans swear more than anyone ive ever met, even sailors would be appauled
2. Haitains own dress shirts of all colors of the rainbow, in church i felt like i was in the 80s
3. when girls here think your cute, instead of doing a cat call or that classic whistle they just make a kissy noise with their lips, pretty sure a 80 year old woman did it to us yesterday

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

the one with the haitian futbol

Hola Everybody!!! Man im sorry to disappoint ya'll but this week wasnt all that noteworthy and all but we worked hard i saw miracles, its been good stuff. We did do an activity to invite the haitians to get to know the church by invited them to a soccery tournament that we were doing. there wasnt as much as we wouldve liked but those that show up put in work, those hatiains know how to play, soccer is a universal language and people of all walks of life can be friends in a good game of futbol. but other than that we've just been working, riding a lot of bike and getting some swoll thighs. call me Lance. 

i love you guys so much i wish you all a great week and im sorry this email wasnt one of my bests but im great no worries, living the dream!!!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. for a cultural that loves to play soccer, its actually kind of difficult to find someone that has a soccer ball, like how can that be?
2. the cheetos here in the chile are not even close to the same thing as the US stuff. dont try it, youve been warned.
3. even chilean girls are obsessed with the same 3 movies that all girls i know are, the proposal, the notebook and anything that stars Zac Efron, some thigns never change

the week with water ballons fights

Hola Everybody!!!
so this week has been great kinda short with meetings and all but a good one nevertheless. gosh its crazy when i get down to writing ya'll i go blak on what even happened this week. well this past wednesday we ahd an amazing zone conference with our awesome President Meservy and his wife and even his sons participated. we learned a lot and grew in faith that day. we left from that conference just ready to work hard and teach everybnody we saw about the restored gospel of jesus christ. its been great and then yesterday we did an activity in the branch called "the best 13 hours" where youth from the branch and future missionaries came out and worked as a missionary for the day. they studied in the morning planned their days they worked and taught and contacted just as any missionary would. i got the opportunity to leave with a couple great youth and i felt really cool to be a missionary with them and teach them what the life is like in the mission. it made me prod of what i do each and everyday. and today we realxed a bit and played fĂștbol (3 goals for Cabrera) and then we ended with a water balloon fight and i got way too wet, they all teamed up on my and trapped me in the corner, i felt so vulnerable and im mildly wet as i still write you guys. but as you can tell its been a great week. im great, the mission is great and i couldnt ask for more.

I send you my best and i wish you all a great week!!!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. haitains have the coolest names, im currently teaching 3 people named Wonder, Brucelee, and Franz.
2. haitains looks a lot like nba players, without being racist theyre tall and this one guy i know looks just like Kevin Durant (stand by for photos)
3. You say 2 words in creole and all the haitain people think youre a brother to them

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

the one with conferencia genial

Hola everybody! so for those of you that speak spanish youll think my title was super clever and for those of you that dont speak spanish, you always have google translate but you wont get it the same way sorry guys. Well here we are another week later of this short time that is the mission. I have officially finished my third general conference in the mission and that means that theres only one more, how crazy to think. IM 2/3 rds done with my mission and its flying by way too fast. but lets not get ahead of ourselves im still here pumped and workign hard. but the conference was amazing and for those of you that dont know what general conference is, its the opportunity that we have twice a year to hear from our prophet (yes theres a prophet today just like Moses in his day) and his 12 apostles (yes just like Jesus Christ had 12 apostles). They talk with us and offer us guidance and counsel for these latter days. i cant be more grateful to have that help in my life. It is such a blessing to have someone on the earth that can say "Thus saith the Lord, because i speak with Him." If we didnt have that access, we would truly be lost. I promise you that the Heavans are not closed, that the Lord speaks, he didnt just speak. Im doing great as you all can tell and i send my best to all of you and the victims of the recent shooting in Las Vegas. I send my prayers out to them and their families. I wish your safety and well being.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. i know appreciate lawn mowers on a whole new level due to the fact that days ago i cut an entire lawn with a pair of hand scissors, service is service no matter how much it sucks
2.if you look just a tad gringo with lighter brunette hair youre automatically bound to be called Ken doll everywhere you go, it could be worse
3. here in Chile they sell salads in these little platic bags that looks like those little bags they give you at carnivals when you win goldfish, trips me up everytime