Wednesday, July 12, 2017

the one with the double date

Hola Everybody!!! another week has passed and youre all probably wondering the same thing i am, where does the time go? seriously it blows my mind. i swear weeks werent his fast a year ago haha. but anyways here we are once again after one heck of a week in the life of the chilean serving missionary. Man what a life it is. ill break down the week a bit...

alright so probably highlight of the week i wold say was actually saturday like everyday is great but saturday we had what a missionary version of a double date. that means we had 2 appointments planned at the same time in different ends of the sector. i tried to cancel one but turns out a lot o people had been invited to this family Home Evening we were gunna have so i was shoot what can we do. then i get my good buddies Elder MacKay and Elder White that are in the same ward and pull them out of their sector and ask them to help us pull this off. so Elder White went with my comp Elder Andrade and Elder MacKay came with me. it was a blast we taught about 15 people the restoration and the spirit was so strong i could look everyone in the eyes and they were so intrigued and i know they could feel the truthfulness of the message. it was a party and then they gave us these giant hamburgers to eat and i nearly couldnt finish and then i remembered im american so i manned up and went to town. what a night. everyday i never know whats gunna happen but thank goodness for improv and the Spirit to guide us. id sure be lost without it. 

anyways thats the highlight of the week and today i took my kid to go hike a mountain, im a little out of shape but it was a good time all in all so enjoy the pics the sun was killer.

I love you all very much and i know the Savior loves you all even more. the Church is true and has been restored back on the earth once again. God still speaks to us today if we are willing to listen.

with so much love have a great week,
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week: 
1. chileans put smeared avocado on their burgers, what are they doing...
2. apparently fresno state football is known here, if only they were good...
3. there are still people who believe in Marxism, what does that even mean? i had it explained to me and that sounds nothing like religion...

Thursday, July 6, 2017

the one with my 4th of July in Chile

well im breaking tradition today, no spanish because we're celebrating the birth of the great U.S. of A. i hope youve all had a great day and an even better night watching fireworks and enjoying company to celebrate this awesome holiday. so today to celebrate a little bit we decided to go as a american as we possible could today and cook some burgers on the grill and i even got a buddy of mine to hook me up with rootbeers that are nearly impossible to find here in santiago, all the gringos were thanking me with their lives. haha. but no it was awesome we got together grilled played some basketball, ping pong, and just enjoyed the day. there might have been at least 7 latinos amongst us but they were good sports about it. and whos gunna say no to a burger and a rootbeer? 

so it hasnt been that long since i wrote ya'll last but to update a little our recent convert Patricia got confirmed this past sunday and that was very powerul i was able to particpate in the ordinance and i could seriously feel the presence of the holy ghost and she recieved it on sunday. very spiritual day, felt the spirit a lot, cant ask for better than that. but other than that we're still working with the rest of the family Kenyi and Maria trying to get them married, might go into to wedding planning after the mission...nah probably not but yeah thats where we're at for now. 

All is great down here, not the same for the 4th but just waiting until Chiles independence day thats when the real parties get going down here haha. I love ya'll very much, Happy 4th once again and have a great week, until next time.

Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week.
1. chileans are in LOVE with barbecues they just go nuts for a barbecue thats how anybody celebrates anything down here
2. even when chile loses in soccer chileans still find a reason to honk horns and celebrate, at least theyre not poor losers ill give them that
3. the average latino does not know what root beer even is, that should be a crime against humanity


thanks for everything President Videla

hola Everybody!!! i know i know im writing late this week but tusday we had a big conference so they moved my writing day to thursday! no worres im alive! haha actually ive been so busy and this week has been so crazy that id say im more than alive im all over the place!!! lets just get to the week...

Alright ell best part of the week, Patricia and Walter got baptized!!!! after a lot of drama and obstacles that the adversary put in their paths and by relations, ours, the were able to make their first covenants with the Lord and enter the waters of baptism. thhe water might have been a little freezing but hey rain or shine this thing was gunna happen. and it all turned out beautiful and they are happier and smiling more than ever. truly great day after a lot of trials, take that Satan.
 Another super cool thing, i officially have been on the mission for more than a year and this past wednesday i hit m year mark so to follow tradition, i burned a white shirt to celebrate, i know how basic. but yeah all is well we had a great farewell for our President Videla since he finishing his 3 years of mission ervice as our leader and mission father figure. but we are all ery excited for President Meservy who should be on his way here and we pray for him and his famil that they might arrive safely and get going on this awesome opportunity to serve the Lord. Life is good.

thats about it ill talk to ya'll again on the 4th so take care and much love.
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week: 
1. i might be the only Carlos that ou guys know (beides my dad and grandpa) and tat makes me feel special, but here i might as well be a john or matt or jake in united states comaprison, i might be able to even find a female Carlos if i look hard enough
2. tell one person that your "chicano" and they never forget it, they might forget your name or what color hair you have but they shall never forget the chicano haha 
3. apparently i speak ghetto chilean, how could that even be im gringo that shouldnt be possible


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

the one with the new missionary in the rain and learning to cook

hola everybody!!! reporting to yall once again from santiago Chile we are alive and well and even though we're freazing our butts off writing this email we are doing great and having the time of our lives here in Chile. this week really flew by with everything that we had going on. time is flying as ive passed the year mark and going on year 2. wow how it flies. 

so this week we had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with some brand new missionaries who are still in the MTC learning spanish and how to be a missionary(its not as easy as it looks). so yeah Elder Andrade and i had the opportunity to spend 3 hours with Elder Fitch was Seattle. great guy and just wants to work and bring people to Christ. i loved it. we had some weird lessons with haitians that didnt understand a thing (still working on the french) and spent the majority of it in the pouring rain, pour Elder Fitch in his brand new suit. he was a good sport about it.  

another event took place so besides church in which i was asked to speak about 5 minutes before it ws my turn to speak i quickly grabbed my scriptures and figured out what i would say about priesthood, believe it or not i actually had to be told by Bishop to wrap it up because i was going over on time, i thought i wouldnt have anything to say but the words just came, thank you Spirit. 
then we had our Capillas Abiertas and it was a bit complicated with it being Fathers Day (OH HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU DAD OUT THERE) and The Chile national team was playing and when they play even the flies stop buzzing. so yeah not much success bit i had a great time all the same. so yeah definitely making a lot of memories over here and loving every day. 

this week we will be having a baptism so stand by for photos its gunna be great!!!
I love you guys very much and i wish you all an awesome week!
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week.
1. to heat up a shower you have this thing caled a califactor which has to be lit by flame or the water to get warm and when its not working properly, you cant imagine the shower frustrations that might arise
2. a bottle top cut of works realy well as a funnel, innovation on a budget
3. you can take any bus in Santiago for free with one simple word "Permiso" obviously its not ideal but hey it happens

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

the one with good ol papa Johns

Hola Everybody!!!! I hope all is well and that youre all enjoying your summer!! im on the otherend as we are entering full force winter here i know pretty weird but i actually dont mind it that much, everywhere i go people offer me hot chocolate o "cafe" as they call it so life could be worse. but yeah this week flew by actually it was a faster week with everything going on. so ill give ya'll the updates:

well the biggest news is that our investigators Patricia and walter who were planning on getting baptized on the 15th of July we changed that the 24th of June so thats way sooner, they dont need to wait and we sure dont want to either haha. they are so prepared its ridiculous ive never seen people so ready for the gospel before they just want to get baptized and do everything right and get on their way to the temple to become an eternal family. yesterday walter asked me why everytime he prays he ends the prayer crying and it was so sweet i just softly replied "because youre full of the spirit" i really touched my heart. i can see that Satan is working really hard against them so that they dont go through with this decision to follow Christ but im confident that we're gunna win this battle. 

Another thing, we started antoher round of puertas abiertas or "Open Chapel" activities where we show strangers what we do in the church and it was a solid success we found this family walking on the street that were so ready and happy to come in with us. and then afterwards we got PAPA JOHNS so that gave me my litle slice of the USA. it was great. but yeah besides that all is well!!!

I wish you all a great week and i love ya'll very much, the Church is true and prayer is powerful!!! 

Elder Carlos Cabrera

fun facts of the week:

1. Papa Johns makes a killinggg here in Chile, the Chileans cant deny the american pizza experience either
2. soccer can cause people to get baptized
3. the nba finals was never once discussed here in Chile, at least in my sad

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

the one with barbershop take two and i think im Messi

Hola Everybody!!!! Here i am again which means i have lived another week in beautiful Santiago Chile. Man im not too sure what to say about this week, as far as special events go, ive got nothing and no dogs were hit by cars as far as im aware of so i guess you could say it was a successful week. No but seriously it was a good week, i dont remember all too well what we did all week but i know it was good for the most part haha.ill try to highlight a few things:

well i got to play barber again because my zone leaders Elder Murillo from Peru and Elder MacKay from Layton, Utah were way past due for a haircut and they didnt have the money or the time to go get one done and my last client must have suggested me because they came to me for a sick cut. i pulled out the works, nothing too fancy but i got the job done. i might have left an unintentional line that is a bit shorter than the rest of his hair on Elder Murillo but i just didnt bring it to his attention, its best he doesnt know and he hasnt gotten any bad remarks so alls well that ends well right? haha  catch me at your local supercuts after the mission. probably not.

but yeah the work is great we had 9 investigators in church and thats a serious accomplishment here, you have no idea how stressful it is to teach all 9 people how to work the hymn books, youd think its rocket science haha. Patricia and Walter and doing great, keep bringing new friends to church with them, quite the missionaries themselves. im pretty sure Patricia preaches more than i do haha. 

but yup thats about it hope you guys like the videos! have a great week and i love ya very much. until next time!

Elder Carlos Cabrera

fun facts: 
1. it is a lot harder to bend it like beckham than one might think
2. stationary scissors actually do a great job on missionary hair
3. if you speak solid spanish and your last name is Cabrera, people start thinking youre chilean hahaha



Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the one with my sons first week, what a week

Hola Everybody!!!! yep its me once again reporting live from cold Santiago! Happy late Memorial day!, i totally forgot that holiday existed, its been a while since ive been stateside. This has been quite the week and its gone by pretty dang fast, as you all know i got my son and we're going on a week together and his like 3rd week in Chile. Ill get straight to the details.

my kids name is Elder Andrade from Mar de plata, Argentina. thats right my sons argentine how cool right. hes not your classic argentine, hes a big boy hes like 6'4'' and he used to play rugby and basketball. Hes a youngin though, just turned 18 and hes a total sweetheart. He made me dinner the other night (see photo) and hes excited and energized to work and to learn, he really wants to learn english too so im teaching him that too. this has been a great experience so far so alls good on that front. 

This week has been full of teaching (people and my companion) a lot of patience and dramatic experiences. so short little story our investigators that have planned to get baptized the 15th of July Patricia and Walter are doing good for the most part but this week was kinda bumpy, we could definitely see Satan working against their choice to follow Jesus Christ. so one night we were going to pass by to teach them and then when we got to the door the mom came out (patricia) crying telling us how walter got beat up by his older brother and took off. so we went to go look for him and during the search the dog of patricia was crossing the street to go check out another dog when, BAM it got hit by a car, just when she stopped crying that happened and she started balling again. we had no idea what to do and it was getting late, so what we did was we said a prayer asking for a special blessing over patricia and her family (including her dog) and we had to leave to go home. I was traumatized that night, but the next day at church, she showed up with the family with smiles and i was like what the heck and apparently all was resolved in her family and her dog was healed miraculously over night. the power of prayer, still continues to surprise me.

anyways all is good im happy, my son is alive and we are loving being the service of the Lord. the church is true, priesthood is real and prayers can make miracles happen, miracles still exist, they didnt cease to exist when Jesus Christ did. 

I wish you all a great week and i love you all very much. 

love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:

1. little mixed pug/ terrier mix kind of dogs are indestructable
2. tall argentines are believed to be gringo to the average chilean
3. dont speak french to a colombian that you think is haitian...they get really pissed, it didnt happen to me by the way just to make that clear, but a valuable lesson to be learned all the same