Wednesday, October 4, 2017

the one with conferencia genial

Hola everybody! so for those of you that speak spanish youll think my title was super clever and for those of you that dont speak spanish, you always have google translate but you wont get it the same way sorry guys. Well here we are another week later of this short time that is the mission. I have officially finished my third general conference in the mission and that means that theres only one more, how crazy to think. IM 2/3 rds done with my mission and its flying by way too fast. but lets not get ahead of ourselves im still here pumped and workign hard. but the conference was amazing and for those of you that dont know what general conference is, its the opportunity that we have twice a year to hear from our prophet (yes theres a prophet today just like Moses in his day) and his 12 apostles (yes just like Jesus Christ had 12 apostles). They talk with us and offer us guidance and counsel for these latter days. i cant be more grateful to have that help in my life. It is such a blessing to have someone on the earth that can say "Thus saith the Lord, because i speak with Him." If we didnt have that access, we would truly be lost. I promise you that the Heavans are not closed, that the Lord speaks, he didnt just speak. Im doing great as you all can tell and i send my best to all of you and the victims of the recent shooting in Las Vegas. I send my prayers out to them and their families. I wish your safety and well being.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. i know appreciate lawn mowers on a whole new level due to the fact that days ago i cut an entire lawn with a pair of hand scissors, service is service no matter how much it sucks
2.if you look just a tad gringo with lighter brunette hair youre automatically bound to be called Ken doll everywhere you go, it could be worse
3. here in Chile they sell salads in these little platic bags that looks like those little bags they give you at carnivals when you win goldfish, trips me up everytime

Friday, September 29, 2017

The one with the baptismal earthquake

Hola Everybody!!! So at the end of the transfers that took place.....we stay together Elder Guiñazú and I and we're stoked we've got some good things going on here and we pass it way too well. stand by for a music video or something. but yeah so this week went fast since last wednesday and just a update, i got sick with a fever for like a night and i was a bit week the following day but dont freak out guys because im better now. so this past Saturday there was another baptism in the ward and we had a part to play in it so we were there and right after the woman was baptized there was an earthquake here that was actually one of the more powerful ones ive felt since being here. it was so dope we all took it as a heavenly manisfestation hahaha kinda kidding. but yeah so the duo is together for 6 weeks more and im loko forward to some great things soon. stand by for more baptismal photos. i love the mission guys, i know for a fact that the church is true and that its the only church on the face of the earth that has the priesthood power of God, and the only authorized Church of Jesus Christ. i promise you with all my heart that its true and i invite you all to pray to know the same. He'll answer, he always does. maybe not right away but He answers.

I wish you all a great week and i love ya'll very much.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

alright here we are:

Fun Facts:
1. so according to medicine Cabrera if you overdose on vitamin C it breaks your fever, i have helped sever missionaries that way but in the end i found out, thats completely not true...maybe it should be?
2. dont ask chileans how to spell their name because they  get offended, its the one thing in spanish that doesnt make sense how its spelled
3. when you go buy groceries, you have to tip the bag boy at the end here, its a real inconvenience...i just give whatever change i get back, if its 50 pesos...tough luck kid

Love ya'll!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

the one with my last 18th of september

Hola Hola everybody! sorry this is coming to you all a day late but neverthe less here i am after another week in whats felt like a smoke of barbecue, folkloric dancing and coca cola. So this past monday was the famous 18 of september the chilean independence day and it has came and gone and its sad to say its my last one. It ended well though we ate A LOT  of food celebrated like classic chileans would. we had an activity with the ward and we played classic games and just had a ball. 

Its sad to think this is my last one but it made me make the most of it. the work has been a little slow since everyone was traveling and doing their own family thing. but that didnt get us down. this is probably my last week with my beloved companion Elder Guiñazu so im enjoying my last days together having fun while helping people getting to know Jesus and how we cvan be happy forever. No complaints here, except and accidental broken window, dont freak out fam. everythings fine. 

anyways thats where im at so this is Elder Carlos Cabrera signing off once again, until next week!!!
Have a good one!

facts of the week:
1. dont try to push against a door when the wind is pushing back, you will end up with a broken glass door.
2. dont even think about buying a snack on 18th of september, not a single person has their store open
3. dont try to make touchdown runs i the middle of a feld, youl end up with your ripped pants right down the line, didnt happen to me but i learned that lesson from others mistakes

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

the one with the hitchhiking

Hola Everybody!!! Elder Cabrera reporting to ya'll once again. man it was a fast week again!!! this week wasnt all that eventful other than the awesome interchange i had with one of my best buddies Elder Payton Dolenar, we killed it, its fun working with your friends, it makes it not seem like work. 

But the big thing was today i suppose, we had a barbecue with the zone today and it was great, we ate well, we played futbol, basketball, pingpong, the whole nine yards haha. but to get there...i definitely walked more than 9 yards. so what happened was we were traveling to the activity but we were running super late, on top of that we were in major traffic. my comp wanted to walk the rest of the way but he left it up to me to make the final decision. so i looked at the situation, doesnt seem to be moving anytime soon, the bus is full of people hot and gross, we seemed close so i was like yeah sure. so we get off and in less than a minute i kid you not the traffic clears up and the bus goes on its merry way. i was furious. we ended up walked maybe 15  miles and at a certain point i was trying to hitchhike and i was even waving money at passing cars, to no success. but in the end we got there, like an hour and a half late but we got there. alls well that ends well i suppose. 

i love you guys so much have a great week!

Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. the only english things the basic chilean knows is "hello, how are you, open the door, open the window" not very helpful in most cases...
2. never get off the bus even if youre suffering, youll regret it
3. patience is a Christ-like attribute that we all need to develop, one way or another i suppose...

Saturday, September 9, 2017

the one where we go almost to Argentina

Hola Everybody here i am again writing and man it has been a crazy week full of experiences and awesome memories, i know ive probably said that a lot in my emails but its the truth everytime i say it, thats the mission for ya. 

This week there was a baptism but not from our side but a soul saved makes me happy all the same. His name is Kendy and hes haitian and i gave him his baptism interview. it was a little more difficult since he doesnt speak much spanish but i relied a lot on the gift of tongues and drawings here and there to make sure we were on the same page hahaha.

But this week we had the opportunity to serve a lot in various ways, whether it be english classes, math classes, putting stuco on house or chopping logs, im your guy. its been awesome learning how to do so many different things, if you asked me a year ago how do you put stucco on a house i wouldve said, "no idea". 

thats the mission for ya. today we went to this beautiful site called Portillo where Chile meets with Argentina and theres snow and it was a great time we had a snowball fight and played football (american style), it was a great time.

As you can see im very happy and content with life. i wish you the same happiness. 

Lots of love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. here where im at everytone goes to bed at like 8:30, it wouldve been my moms dream city when we were little kids
2. when people are cold here they decide the best course of action is to just go to bed, the answer to most problems
3. dogs chase bicyclists like crazy here, ive had to kick my fair share of K-9s

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

the one with the Benjamin baptism

Hola Everybody its me once again from beautiful Los Andes, Chile. well another week come and gone and it was an eventful one on top of that. obviously biggest highlight of the week is that our awesome investigator Benjamin got baptized and it was so special and he feel so great and clean. we ran into him the morning before his baptism and he said he couldnt sleep all night because he was so excited, it doesnt get much better than that. moments like that make all the rough parts of the mission worth it. we get rejected a lot, we get yelled at, a whole bunch of hard stuff, but in the end i dont remember that stuff. the good moments the happiness that i feel and see the miracles that happen, the changes in peoples lives for the better, thats what sticks with me when all is said and done. 

Llay Llay is beautiful and im still getting to know it but it has a lot of great potential and a lot of great people, not much more to ask for. The church is true guys. i cant stress that enough. some of you that read this arent "mormon" or members of the church of Jesus Christ but i invite you to think "why not?" this is true just take the time to find out for yourself and stop just hearing me talk about what i know. find out for yourself because its right in front of your face. take hold because itll be the best decision you'll ever make in your life. i love you guys and thats why i say what i say.

I wish you all a great week and i send you my best from down here. catch ya later guys.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. my companion makes broken underwear super delicious, haha okay thats a translation theres this dessert here called calzones rotos which translates to brokern underwear, its some good stuff never thought id say that.
2. never have your back facing a latino, its a sign of disrespect and you risk offending someone..better to just always have your back against a wall
3. here in chile they call kids and young people cabros or cabras which literaly just translates to goats, every young person is a goat according to a chilean

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

the one with the riptide and the general authority

Hola Everybody!!!! man what a week it has been i cant believe we're already abck at tuesday feels like i was just here but time flies when youre soo busy.

theres so much thats been going on but ill try to give ya'll some good highlights at least alright where do i begin?

Well this àst thursday we had the awesome oppotunity to recieve a class from a General Authority Elder Texiera who is in charge of the south america south area. lots of responsibility. let me tell you guys hes a stud, he speaks 5 langages, he teaches better than anyone ive ever met and the spirit just hits you straight in the face when he talks. I had the opportunity to talk with him a bit and participate and it was great, plus i got to hang out with all my buddies (see photo at bottom).
But on top of that im loving it out here in the country LLay LLay. We had the opportunity to participate in a ward talent show and i sang with the other sister missionaries in the ward while my companion played the guitar (hes a shredder). it turned out really well we sang Riptide by Vance Joy good jam. so now im best friends with all the members so thats cool. and this week we're gunna have a baptism!! so stand by for photos!! things are cooking up here in Llay Llay, im excited. but yeah as you can see all is well and i wish you all a great week at school, work and in life in general!!!
Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera
facts of the week:
1. batteries here are ridiculously expensive
2. theres this place where you can get american soda, i bought my self a 12 pack of mountain dew, time i treat myself
3. latins love hearing english lyrics, they say our tone of voice when we sing is very pleasing to the ears, im happy to be of service