Saturday, May 20, 2017

the one with the mothers day

Hola Hola to all of you wonderful people!!!! Happy Belated Mothers Day to all you mothers out there! This week was a very chill week with not too much to report actually, no big highlights or anything and for that i dont have any photos to send, sorry ya'll. but ill try and recollect everything that happened and see if i can update all you guys.

Well this week was full of just working and teaching new people, families, its starting to get cold down here and its sweet because i get to break out the sweaters, i feel a little more stylish. but yeah we brought this amazing family named Patricia, Kenshy, Walter and Maria to church and Kenshy and Maria have a baby girl of 3 months and even she came a long haha. It was wonderful they met the Bishop they made a bunch of new friends and they loved it at church. the baby was actually super quite and calm during sacrament meeting and all, im positive the Spirit helped. 

Its sad because i do believe im in my last week of this sector Alberdi and its sad because ive made some wonderful friends here and ive come to love the people so much, ive been here almost 6 months, and even though im not sure yet, i do believe im getting changes. so next week ill probably be filling you all in about where i am, who my companion is and all but i do not look forward to packing my bags. oh well thats the mission life.

all is great here in Santiago ready for the cold to start, its more fun than the heat for a missionary. i love you all very much, take care and send me an email id love to here from you guys. Have a great week!!!!

facts of the week:}
1. when a car passes by a girl that the driver finds attractive they a one single honk to be like "you fine" haha some girls get super annoyed while others im sure love it
2. missionaries love wearing sweaters why? because it means you dont have to iron your shirts and less chance of staining the nice white shirts
3. everyone here in Chile is obsessed with WWE and anime, ive never seen so many fans, i feel like the odd one when i say im not into either of those things.... 

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