Wednesday, June 7, 2017

the one with barbershop take two and i think im Messi

Hola Everybody!!!! Here i am again which means i have lived another week in beautiful Santiago Chile. Man im not too sure what to say about this week, as far as special events go, ive got nothing and no dogs were hit by cars as far as im aware of so i guess you could say it was a successful week. No but seriously it was a good week, i dont remember all too well what we did all week but i know it was good for the most part haha.ill try to highlight a few things:

well i got to play barber again because my zone leaders Elder Murillo from Peru and Elder MacKay from Layton, Utah were way past due for a haircut and they didnt have the money or the time to go get one done and my last client must have suggested me because they came to me for a sick cut. i pulled out the works, nothing too fancy but i got the job done. i might have left an unintentional line that is a bit shorter than the rest of his hair on Elder Murillo but i just didnt bring it to his attention, its best he doesnt know and he hasnt gotten any bad remarks so alls well that ends well right? haha  catch me at your local supercuts after the mission. probably not.

but yeah the work is great we had 9 investigators in church and thats a serious accomplishment here, you have no idea how stressful it is to teach all 9 people how to work the hymn books, youd think its rocket science haha. Patricia and Walter and doing great, keep bringing new friends to church with them, quite the missionaries themselves. im pretty sure Patricia preaches more than i do haha. 

but yup thats about it hope you guys like the videos! have a great week and i love ya very much. until next time!

Elder Carlos Cabrera

fun facts: 
1. it is a lot harder to bend it like beckham than one might think
2. stationary scissors actually do a great job on missionary hair
3. if you speak solid spanish and your last name is Cabrera, people start thinking youre chilean hahaha

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