Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the one with the Chile census and earthquakes!

Hola everybody here we are once again reporting to ya'll from a chillier Santiago, Chile. this has been a week of not much yet still stuff going on. ill explain a little more what i mean by that in a second. but no everythings been great here in the service of the Lord.

So this week on wednesday we had the national census where people gotta go around and take stats on people that are living here ya know all that fun stuff, and so that means that everyone in Chile had to be in their houses, so no school no work and no missionaries on the street, which is a sad thing. anyways we got the word that as soon as we were censused we could leave and go do our thing, that wouldve been nice but we didnt get censused until about 7 pm which means we spent all day inside in a boring missionary apartment. so that was fun, a day of just exercising, reading and staring at the ceiling. and then that night my comp got sick so we spent the NEXT day in the house in boredom as my comp was throwing up and all that stuff that id rather not get into details about. so yeah but after that things went back to normal we worked we taught people about Jesus Christ and all was great. and then one night im praying and all of sudden Santiago gets hit with an earthquake, i just thought that Heavenly Father was trying to make a point to me, but that one wasnt that strong, it wasnt until yesterday when all of a sudden the earthquake got pretty strong, nothing dramatic happened but it felt like i got up to fast and was dizzy except it wasnt me it was the earth haha. but no we're all goo hear safe and sound. We're well taken care of here so no worries ya'll. 

but yeah same old same old helping people come to know Christ and make changes that will allow them to follow Him.

I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:

1. Santiago is actually super well built to last earthquakes, they take them like a champ

2. its super common to see food places here that sell pizza and sushi together, i just cant get myself to think thats a good combination, they are mistaken

3. if youre a foreigner and you experience an earthquake, the chileans love talking about it with you, they take pride in their experience with the mighty earthquake

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