Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 8!

¡Hola cada person! ¿Como estamos? I hope everyone is doing well and that you all had a great week! So im half way through my second transfer in the mission field and the big news of the week was that Elder Garcia and I had a baptism this past Sunday and that marked my first baptism! Exciting stuff! 

So this week was pretty relaxed for the most part no huge activities or celebrations or anything so that made things a bit more chill. The weather here is starting to get dramtically hotter and its weird considering its almost october haha. Thats South America for ya, its funny cause when i got here it was still freezing and i remember walking in the sun on purpose so i could heat up a bit. That is definitely not the case now, if you guys were here you would be watching me taking every route possible to stay in the sombra (shade) its actually quite fun its a little game i play. My companion refuses to play with me hahaha. 

But onto the important stuff! The Lord's work! So this week like i mentioned earlier we baptized Ronald this sunday and it was so awesome! He had his family there who arent members and he was able to be a great example to his parents and his siblings. He´s changing the course of his life for the better and one day he says he wants to serve a mission, marry a girl in the temple and enjoy all the blessings of having a family for eternity. What more could you ask for? He´s an example to all of us, hes 14 years old and he´s taught me so much already just through the strength of his testimony and his desire to do what the Lord asks of him. What i love so much about this work is that yeah im teaching them, but at the same time im able to learn huge amounts of things from them and their experiences as well. We´re on this earth to learn and to progress and i have the opportunity to do that in ten fold each and every day. The Glory of God truly is intelligence.

Other than that, everything is just going along, life is continuing to go on, what a blessing that is. I hope you all have a wonderful week and i want you all to know i love you all and i send my best from beautiful Santiago!

Elder Carlos Cabrera

Random facts of the week: 
1. Chileans refuse to smile in photos i have no idea why...even the children, it makes me so sad
2. The stereotype of construction workers whistling at women doesnt just apply to the United States, i witnessed it first hand today, it was quite funny
3. Chileans love their soap operas and one must know better than interrupt a person while "Te Doy La Vida" is on...learned that one the hard way

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