Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WEEK 15 in the Mission!

¡Hola Mujeres y Caballeros! ¿Como le ha ido? Ive decided to count not just the weeks in the field but the weeks from the CCM as well so dont be alarmed since the last group email said week 8 haha i didn't magically just live 7 weeks in one, even if it might feel that way haha. I hope you are all are doing well. Now onto the week...So this past wednesday we had what we call Zone Conference which occurs every 8 or 9 weeks and its when all the missionaries in our zone and maybe 1 or 2 other zones come together to talk with our mission president and talk about announcements we have, introduce new missionaries (including me) and talk about the progress we are having in our areas of proselyting. It was a blast i got to see some buddies from Mexico, my best buddy Elder Johnson who's assistant to the president, and just hang out and listen to our inspiring president and his wife. AND THEN, this past weekend we had the opportunity to watch General Conference which is live broadcast from Salt Lake City in which our Prophet Thomas S Monson and his apostles and general authorities have the opportunity to address the church and its members and provide counsel, messages of inspiration and further insight about topics that they feel inspired of the Lord to speak about. It is really a cool expereince and it happens semi annually, the first weekend of April and October. I was blessed by feeling the Spirit very strongly this past weekend while listen to the words of all those who spoke, and a neat part was that i got to take a break from spanish for a bit and watch it with my fellow gringos in our native tongue haha. Hallelujah Besides that we´re just going about our business as Representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know this church is true, i know this is the same church that Jesus Christ established during His earthly ministry. We are here on the earth to learn, to progress, and to obey the commandments of Heavenly Father so we can return to live with Him again. If you don't believe what i believe, please at least take the time to listen to what we believe, it might surprise you, what's the harm in knowing? I hope you all have a wonderful week and i send my love with you all from Santiago.

Facts of the week:
1. When you ask a person in Chile how they are, they will give you the truth no matter what the answer is, great, fine, okay, terrible and everything in between. When we ask that question in the US, the answer is always "good" even though we know its a lie sometimes
2. People are more interested in the fact that we don't have tv, music, or video games than they are about the message we are here to share about Jesus Christ. Apparently that is more worth wild information.
3. Chilenos love to nickname foreigners based off of soccer players,my mexican companion is named "Chincharito" a soccer player for Mexico, a few Chilenos have decided upon the name "David Beckham", I'm not complaining one bit....

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