Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 7 - Fiestas

¡Hola Everybody! I hope everyone is doing well and that all is well
with things up north in the beautiful US of A. So here i am writingyet again about my week in Santiago Norte. More specifically in mysector Los Manantiales.
This week was full of festivals, traditions, and a whole lot of food.So on the 18th of September was Felices Fiestas Patrias which isbasicall the Chilean version of 4t of July. That day celebrates theday that Chile declared independence from Spain. Because the 18th fellon a Sunday this week the members in my ward held a party on the 17that the church building and it was sooo much fun! We had all thhetraditional Chilean stuff, empanadas, completos, weird Chileandesserts, the works! And not only food but we had a bunch of games andactivities and of course a few intense games of soccer. People dancedthe Cueca which is the national dance of Chile and if you ask me itlooks a bit silly, but hey when in Chile...don´t make fun of theCueca!!!
As far as the work goes, it was a bit hard to be very productive thisweek with all the festivals going on, and people being gone or out oftown or busy. But hey some big news I have my first baptism thi comingsunday! The invetigators name is Ronald he is 14 years old, hes anawesome kid and he has such a great testimony of the gospel and he´sready to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. He knowsthat in order to become like Christ, and to be perfected unto Him andrecieve all the eternal blesings that we have the opportunity ofrecieving, we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ and bebaptized by immersion through proper priesthood authority. I know heis ready to take on the name of Jesus Christ and stand as a witnessthat Jesus Christ lives, that this Church is the Church of JesusChrist and through proper priesthood authority we are able to performthe ordinances that we need to in order to live with our HeavenlyFather again. I couldn't be more excited for Ronald and Sunday.
thats my update this week and i love you all! 
until next week, 
Elder Carlos Cabrera

fun facts for the week:1. On the 18th of September every houehold must display a Chilean flagoutside their house or they will be fined2. Kids and even some adults are absolutely obsessed with flyingkites, theres kids that fly kites like all day long here and its justthe in thing to do here apparently3. The Chileans use the term "Permiso" which literally just translatesto permission and when they say this it means they are about to dosomething like open a door, take some food, anything they want to dobasically but instead of waiting for actual permission they just aheadand do it haha

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