Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 6...Check!

Hola Everybody! so ive just completed my first 6 weeks in Chile and that means ive got one missionary change under my belt (as a missionary there are changes every 6 weeks, you can change your comapnion, the area that you are working, you can become a district leader a zone leader an assistent to the president or you can stay exactly the same for the next 6 weeks, ya never know whats gunna happen and it keeps things exciting). sorry for that rant but theres probably someone that didnt know that stuff, i know i didnt. 

So onto the week, this week has been ridiculously busy. We had a special barbeque with our mission president as a reward for all our good work in our zone and so we had another Pday on thursdayminus the writing session with all you awesome people. It was awesome President cooked burgers and completos (chilean hotdogs) we had a ton of food, we played volleyball, basketball, darts and we just relaxed and enjoyed the day. i felt like a normal person for a little bit haha it was kinda weird. We had all of this at this house on the other side of Santiago and the house is gigantic and super antique, something you would see in a movie or something. So that was awesome and also a little sad cause i said goodbye to my Assistente to the President Elder Anderson because he finished his 2 years and should have already arrived home by now, good for him he was awesome. But dont cry just yet because my very best friend in the mission, Elder Johnson from Utah, my zone leader was called to be the new Assistente. Talk about having friends in high places am i right? Good for him hes gunna be awesome.

Yesterday night i had my first experience with Sushi in Chile. Not half bad, not the same as the States but hey nothing is haha. i ate sushi with some awesome members and we had a blast for family home evening last night. 

Today for Pday we went to the Santiago Zoo. it was so awesome we all had a great time we went with a bunch of other missionaries and we just had a ball.

As far as the work is going, we´re beginning to have a lot more success in my sector we have 5 new investigators, 1 Chileno, 2 Peruvians and 2 Haitains. Its a bit hard to teach the Haitains because they dont know spanish or english so im basically useless but i just talk really slow and try to use all the french that i know so far haha. Ill pick up more french when i get more comfortable with Spanish. The others have dates to be baptized in October and i hope that everything goes according to plan. They are super awesome, really receptive and they are beginning to gain testimonies and feel the Spirit and its changing their lives. i couldnt be more excited for them. We are able to see the joy on their faces so much more than the first time we talked with them. By teaching them, its allowed me to strenghten my testimony by seeing the effect that the Gospel can have on the lives of others as long as they allow themselves to open their heart and see what Heavenly Father has in store for them. They have so much potential, i just hope i can help them reach that potential.

As you can see Im quite busy here in beautiful Santiago but never too busy to think about some of my favorite people back home. I pray for all of you everyday and i hope everyone is well. Life is good here.

Random Facts:
1. Chileans dont know much english but they do know all the bad words you can think of
2. Apparently im a walking english translator so kids as well as adults love to ask me how to say words in english all day long, glad i can be of service
3. Chileans absolutely love Selena Gomez here, and they absolutely hate Justin Beiber, this country is defintily team Selena all the way thats all for now! I love you all! until next week, chao!​

Carlos and his Mission President

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