Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5th week in Chile?

Hola everybody! so i added the question mark to the subject of this email because i honestly dont remember how many weeks i have in Chile haha. No matter. So this week has presented a lot of learning experiences, a lot of ups and downs and trials this week but i honestly dont remember all of them. this week was a bit of blurr. But ill try t}my very best to update ya´ll on whats been going on here on the other side of the equator.

So this week the biggest thing that happened was that we had an intercambio which for those of you that dont know its when a companionship (2 missionaries) switch companions with our district leader (another missionary thats kind of like our manager) so i recieved the companion of my district leader this week and i was Compañero Mayor (the boss of us two) my companion was another Americano and only has a month in Chile like i do and that arose some trials since none of us would consider ourselves overly proficient in the spanish language haha it was definitely an interesting day but i resulted in a few headaches here and there since im accustomed to having my latino companion save me when i dont understand. This time, i was the saving Latino since my spanish is just a bit more proficient than the other missionary. Yikes right? But all in all it was a successful intercambio, we gained two new investigators, taught a lesson and answered A LOT of questions that a less active member had about the Gospel (more or less). We actually had more success than our trainers had and they both know español perfectamente haha. It just goes to show that it doesnt take being fluent in the language to make a difference, having the spirit and having faith does.

A sad part of the week was when Chile played Paraguay and lost 1-2. Chileans are devastated when their fútbol team loses haha. Even i felt a bit blue haha. But theres another game today and everyone here is hyped haha. Ive been wearing my Chile jersey all day and the Chileans absolutely love that "one gringo that wants to be Chileno" as they say. I am hoping and praying for more success with the people and our investigators in this area for this coming week. Patience. Patience. 

Anyways all is well, the people are awesome, im eating way too much, and just living, learning, and loving my time here. I send you my love and good wishes.
Until next week! ¡Chao!

Random facts
1. when a soccer game is on and Chile is playing, absolutely nobody wants to hear about Jesus Christ or His Gospel.
2. Chileans actually consume more alcohol as a country than anyother country in the world, im convinced
3. There are a hundred barrachos (drunks) here in Chile and ive been a great hit with all the homosexual ones, they love to holler at me...take that as you may
4. Theres this thing called fería that occurs every wednesday and saturday and its like a swap meet where you can get nearly anything you need for super cheap and i absolutely love it

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