Tuesday, August 30, 2016

One Month in Chile!

¡Hola Everybody! So in a few days will be month anniversary in the great country of Chile. Wow thats weird to think about. Half me is like wait i feel like i got off of the airplane yesterday and then the other half of me feels like i know every street and bus stop in the city of Santiago and i´ve been here for like 6 months haha. I know those are literally like polar opposites but go on a mission and you´ll know what i mean.
Anyways, this week was very interesting for me and i think the lesson that i learned this week falls under the patience category. It seemed like everyone and their mother was cancelling on us for lessons this week or they just weren´t where they said they would be..meaning their house. haha it´s extremely difficult at times because first off Chileans feel bad if they dont commit to an appointment with us so they set up an appointment for us to meet with them and then they just wont be there or cancel at the last minute. Second, it is so hard to get someone to go to church on Sundays and half the time the reason is just that they dont get want to get out of bed ahhhh. okay im good im good haha as you can see the mission supplies countless learning experiences on a daily basis so im just soaking it all up haha. 
As far as the spanish goes i´ve still got a million things to learn (apparently learning a new language isnt easy) but the members and the people that i talk to in my area say that my spanish is sooo much better than it was my first week here so thats reassuring haha. They could just be saying that haha. Probably. But yeah im getting my daily dose of patience with that as well so by the end of this experience im convinced i´ll be the most patient individual on the planet. 
Don´t get me wrong this week was awesome its always a fun time with Elder Garcia and today for Pday we explored more of Santiago i got my first soccer jerseys (of many to come), got a pair of cleats (we ball up a lot), and i did something american for once since ive been in Chile...i ate at Mcdonalds. Oh i never thought id miss that establishment as much as i have. So today was a great day and it topped off another week here in beautiful, thriving Santiago.
 Random facts of the week:
1. here everyone has a 9 digit phone number instead of the 10 digit numbers that we have in the States (I was so thrown off at first i thought we were getting stood up or something)
2. every week we play futbol in the ward for an activity for the youth (its a great way for investigators and less active members to bond) and i have been elected permanent goalkeeper because first off im the tallest guy there and i dont have half the foot skill that those Chileans have i swear its like watching FIFA
3. people consume Coca Cola and fanta here like 3 times as much as water which explains the extreme amount of diabetes here 

Thats all for this week i love you all and stay safe, be smart, and pray often.

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