Tuesday, April 18, 2017

the one with the first easter

Hola everyone i hope you all are awesome and you all enjoyed your easter egg hunts and Robin Egg candy and that you all had a wonderful Easter. This week was full and awesome and overall really short. While i did go on easter egg hunts or anything of that sort, i was sure busy with showing people the restored church of Jesus Christ and what we're all about and invite them to learn more, thats the job.  but ill explain a little more...

So this week was full with the open chapel activity that we had at several church buildings around Santiago and other things here and there. We had the activity at our chapel friday night and it was a solid turn out all and all great and now we have new people to teach! so thats always excited to have new people who want to learn more and grow closer to Christ. And then antoher chapel that we had it at was in Santiago central where its total city with skyscrapers and all that jazz. there we went around invited everyone we saw on the streets. now im not the best at just going up to anybody and talking and all, but after about 10 minutes i got used to it. its always exciting what youre gunna get. i talk to a man that doesnt believe in Jesus Christ but in Avatars, i talked to an old man that took 5 minutes to answer what his name was, i talked to this weird other Christian church nun kind of lady who tried to invite me to join her church and so i invited her in return and then we ended up just getting about 15 random people off the streets to come with us and check out the activity, pretty fun and successful. so that was a great activity and it took the rest of the night haha and plus it was Elder Carrizo's birthday! so we at least spent it in an interesting way saturday night. 

The good old Easter Sunday came around and here in Chile....they dont do anything special. haha its all good just another day in the business and i was actually okay with it! They just dont eat meat here because of some Catholic tradition or something like that. 

anyways thats about it, im healthy im happy and im Chilean these days. I hope you all are doing well, that your families are well and that ya'll know how much i love ya. Take care all and have a great week!
Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. Here in Chile you dont even hear a "Happy Easter" on Easter, its like it doesnt exist
2. if youre really lucky, a Church member will sneak you a easter chocolate egg candy during church to celebrate
3. they dont eat meat on Easter so they all eat fish to substitute, in turn the venders raise the price in fish like double, those clever guys...

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