Tuesday, April 11, 2017

the one with the steph curry socks

HOLA HOLA A TODOS MI SERES QUERIDOS!!! How are we these days??? i hope we're all doin well and i know we're all gearing up for the easter festivities and what not during many spring breaks. so as you guys are filling your easter eggs for the hunt i just wanna update ya'll on whats been going on down here in the big CHI-LE. Lets gets started then...

So this week was nearly as jam packed i think as the weeks before, for the most part all is pretty normal we are working hard to help our investigators get to the waters of baptism, but occasionally, its not that easy. But we have an activity coming up that i think ive mentioned before in the past called "Capillas Abiertas" or like an Open Chapel Tour where the ward gets together and we give a tour to those that arent members that way they get to know the church, what we're all about, what it is that we crazy mormons do on sundays and some of the basic principles in what we believe in. that will be held this friday in the evening so we're hoping on a big turn out to further the work. im stoked so we've got lots of planning and invitiations to give out so thats what im up to this week. 

we also had transfers yesterday and.......IM Still here in my same sector, no changes for Elder Cabrera, but its cool it just means ive still got some work to take care of here before i move on to new things. gotta tie one shoe before ya tie the other am i right? hope that metaphor worked...

anyways thats about it, im healthy, im happy, im a clean, mean door knocking machine. 

Thats about it so i love you all very much and a big Happy Easter to you all. Hope the Easter Bunny takes good care of you guys this Sunday.

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. so theres this chilean word here which is "weon" and it has two meanings one is the simple "buddy" and the other is the stronger form of "dumb butt"...you can imagine the difficulty in the figuring out which form theyre using when people are talking to you....
2. there are stores here that put names such as a shoe store with the name "Shoes & Shoes" and they think they are so clever just because the name is in english...im not impressed
3. Apparently here Starbucks is only for the rich, upper class citizens, while back in the states i know of middle school kids that refuse to go to school in the morning without their vanilla bean frappachino...

oh and a big shout out to Elder Harper who hooked me up with the sweet Steph Curry socks...theyre so sweet im in love, go warriors!

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