Wednesday, March 8, 2017

the one with my first week with Elder Carrizo

Hey Everybody!! HOLA hows everybody doing? hope all is well on the homefront and im checking in once again to make sure you all know that im alive, so yeah here i am alive and thriving. So this week not much happened more than anything ive just been teaching the area to my new companion Elder Carrizo from Uruguay, he's slowly getting to know the people, the streets, and we're learning how to function together, it's always a little choppy at first but i think we're finding our footing. 

So i dont have much to talk about on the work end, we're teaching people and slowly progressing them and helping them learn and know more about the Gospel, but for now, nothing too exciting to comment on.

More than anything today has been a great day. so last tuesday after i wrote you all i left and taught my weekly english class that i teach at the church to whoever wants to learn, and after i was done, i was leaving and encountered a few members from the old ward i served in and that was SUPER cool to see them, hear that all has been well and they invited me over to their house today for a good lunch. So today for Pday we played soccer and a big field and i even scored too goals, the latino side has been coming out more. SO that was a blast and then after that we went to the members house and we just chilled ate peruvian food (YUM) and here we are. what a great day.

sorry theres not much more to mention, i promise as things start cooking and we have more exciting things, i'll make sure to fill ya'll in. but for now i just want to say i love you all, i love my savior Jesus Christ, i love this church, this church is true and it has blessed my life and its continuing to bless lives around the world. 

until next time, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. Chileans never pay anyone to do anything that they can do themselves at any cost, if you want to build another story on your house, you do it yourself, if you want to build a pool, you dig the hole youyrself and you build a pool
2. on that note, Chile by no means hows construction regulations or safety measures, and trust shows
3. if you want to build someting but youre too lazy yourself to do it, you call the missionaries, thats write im a master builder now

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