Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The one with cambios and zero water

Hola Hola everybody! I hope everyone has been well and happy. This past week down here in Chile has been crazy full of stuff. The week went by fast but a lot has happened and changed in just a few days. It's crazy, lets get started...

SO first off my companion Elder Jacobsen got transfered so we had to go around so he could say goodbyes to everyone from the ward and stuff, it was sad to see him leave but i know he'll be awesome in his new sector. But anyways my new companion is Elder Carrizo from Uruguay. Super dope guy ive only known him for about a day but i think we'll get along just fine. Back to speaking pure spanish for me hahaha. no biggie. 

so another thing that happened this week is that apparently in Chile there has been some problems with water maintenance or something so the city decided to shut off the water for 2 whole days. we didnt know it was gunna be 2 whole days either but we got a call sunday morning that they were gunna turn off the water so we jumped in the shower, filled up as many things with water that we could find in the apartment and even then it wasnt enough. man you never realize how much it would suck to not have water until you dont have it. id rather not get into the dirty details. but best part is that its back on finally and we are clean, hydrated, and happy once again hahaha. what an experience. 

basically thats whats been going on down here, obviously theres always more but if any of you are truly interested, shoot me an email and then ill fill ya in with whatever im missing.

I love you all and i send you my best once again from Santiago, Chile.

Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. it takes over 2 gallons of water to get a toilet to flush manually...so much for staying hydrated
2. the smartest thing to do in my water situation would be to fill the washer with water...if only i had a washer
3. When you take away water from a whole city of Chileans, they will refuse to talk about Jesus Christ...how unfortunate

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