Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The one with the first thanksgiving...

¡Hola Ladies and Gentleman! I hope everyone is alive and well and you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! So before we get into the week im just mention a few things...while its getting colder and colder for all of you this week ive began to a solid suntan walking all the day in the south america sun. (dont worry mom im putting on sunscreen) but yeah it's getting super hot here but hey what are you gunna do. 

So maybe a few of you guys are wondering how i spent my Thanksgiving and the fact of the matter was that...for the most part it was just another day. I actually spent the day in an intercambio with another missionary, Elder Alex Leavitt from Mesa, AZ. It was kinda cool to at least spend the holiday with another American. The Latinos just dont appreciate the day like we do but ya can't really blame them, it's not part of their culture. But no we had a fun time hanging out working hard, not gunna lie we spoke more english that day than we probably should have but hey, it was a holiday cut me some slack. 

Besides that things are kinda coming to a close with my companion Elder Garcia because this time next week, Elder Garcia will be back home with his family in Mexico and I'll have a new companion, who ever he may be...we dont find out until monday in the office, its like a lottery haha. But all is well, its a bit too hot to be walking around in a shirt and tie all day but hey, Welcome to the Mission. 

Anyways i believe thats all to report on, if anyone has any specific questions that ive failed to answer or you guys just wanna know something, send me an email and ill get back to you when i can! I love ya'll and i wish you all a great rest of your week. Until next tuesday!

Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. as the summer season comes up more and more people start breaking out the barbecues and it really does a number on the air quality here, especially when youre always outside and walking fast haha
2. All those of you that are sad that youre beginning to lose your suntans because of wintertime, take mine i dont want it every person i run into is like "Elder have you been working otuside lately?" the answer is always yes...
3. Nobody has any money during this time of the year here in Chile, theyre tarting to buy christmas presents and spending more money on electricity for fans and stuff and everybody is just poor haha its quite a humbling experience

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