Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The one where i got locked out with an old man

¡Hola! Its our favorite missionary in Santiago, Chile reporting to you all once again. So another week has come and gone and i feel like so much has happened but nothing at the same time. Sorry if that doesnt make sense. lets get on to week...

So when i last wrote to you guys we still werent sure who would be the next President of the Great US of A. I didnt recieve the reult until Wednesday morning on the bus when some old guy yelled at me "Hey gringo i hope youre happy with President Trump" or something like that, it was kind of gibberish. So yeah i now know and i hope that all turns out well and he's able to make a positive difference for the country. Thats all im gunna say about that. 

So many of you are probably wondering what happened according to my subject title. So in past emails ive talked about a member in the ward named Mario, he's 87 years old and hes lost his marbles a little bit but he cant read so we take time every week to read him the scriptures. Anyways we were in his backyard this past week and it was kind of windy outside and Mario is scenial so everything has a lock, anyways we were talking outside on his patio when suddenly BAH the backdoor shut and it locks automatically and nobody had a key. we were completely stuck in his backyard. His front door was open so i suggested we call someone who lives close by to come save us. and we did. and so the first counselor in the ward came by opened the backdoor, in the meantime Mario decided to get on the roof to yell at nearby people if they could come help us for some reason. Anyways he came saved us, came out onto the patio to talk to us when BAH the door shut again...we were dying laughing we thought it was hilarious but Mario was pissed hahaha to wrap it up Mario found someone from the roof to come save us, we made it back in, but we made one funny memory in the meantime haha. 
 As far as th work is going Maria Livia wasnt able to get baptized this past sunday because something came up but im hopeful she'll be able to get baptized this coming sunday. We have found and are developing other investigadors as well and i hope to be able to say they will be getting baptized as well in the following weeks to come. 

Anyways im healthy, im safe and im happy, not much more i can ask for here in beautiful Santiago. Sending my love to you all and wishing you all a wonderful week! Chao!

Elder Carlos Cabrera

Facts of the week:
1. There isnt air conditioning or heating in the houses here in Chile, even though i've been in desperate need of both of them during my time here...
2. As a missionary one must eat whatever they are served no matter how disgusting it is, i have learned that i have the capacity to eat probably the grossest thing ive ever ate this past week without throwing up, even though i had a few close calls
3. So many people here, children, adult, old people you name it, wear these super crude shirts with all sort of f bombs and sexual phrases in english but they dont think twice because no one understands the writing except for me, thanks Chileans, thanks

not many photos this week sorry guys

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  1. Sounds like an experience not many people would understand! It seems like there is some similarities between our country and theirs though. Not everyone is happy that Trump is President, the crude shirts exist everywhere and you can always be sure of a funny story including locked doors and older gentleman! God Bless you on your travels to spread the Lords work!