Tuesday, November 8, 2016

That one with my first birthday in the mission

¡Hola Ya´ll! Hows everybody doing? Man this week was a busy one and also a super eventul one too so sorry for all the photos you guy are gunna get at the end of this. Well first off i just want to say thank you to all thoe of you who ent me birthday wishes and your love i really appreciate it and its so awesome to hear from all of ya´ll from the other side of the globe. I love you guys. anyways i´ll get started on the week...

so if you havent gotten the hint by now my birthday was this past saturday and man was it eventful. I swear i gained like 10 lbs from all the food that everybody gave me this weekend. I had like 3 different birthday parties with different members here in Los Manantiales. It was so awesome because not only was i able to recieve the love and birthday wishes from my family and friends back in the US but the people here have really taken me in and made me part of their families and it truly melted my heart how special they have become to me and i was able to feel the love they have for me and even though im away from my family back home and my friends, i could still feel special on my big day. Ive been truly blessed to have known so many amazing people in my life. Word cant fully expres what i feel for what i experienced this weekend. 

Another exciting activity that took place thi past week was i experinced my firt earthquake here in Chile and actually my first one ever in my life and it was weird at first i didnt know what was going on and then i was like "oh well its an earthquake" haha but it didnt do any damage and it was relatively small for Chile standards so we're good haha. 

So besides the eartthquakes, birthday parties, huge amounts of food all is well here and we are preparing to baptize Maria Livia this sunday and he i beyond excited to follow the example of Jesus Christ. 

So all is well here in Chile, i've got 3 cakes in my fridge that are just trying to give me diabetes but i guess thats a personal problem. 

Have a great week everybody!

Facts of Chile:
1. If a stranger finds out it´s your birthday they will give the biggest hug ever even if they dont know you at all
2. Its a tradition to shove your face in your birthday cake when ou blow out the candles but when youre standing and youre taller than everyone its kinda impossible
3. Latinos love to party but they never are on time so if they ay come at 7, youre better off at arriving at 9 because the party still wont be ready.

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