Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The one with Garcia's final week in the mission...

Hey Everybody! So This week flew by for me and now as we speak my ex companion Elder Garcia of Veracruz Mexico has been reunited with his family after 2 years of serving the Lord here in Chile and i couldnt be any more proud and happy for him. So with Garcia leaving that means i have to recieve another companion and actually i received a new area too so Goodbye to Los Manantiales. But dont worry because President just moved me to the neighboring ward named Alberdi and im actually really close to my old area still haha. But my new companion is Elder Jacobsen from Palo Alto, California and he has 4 months in the mission. so that makes me the senior companion, no pressure haha. From yesterday i now have 18 months left in the mission, man does the time flie. But this past week was awesome it was sad saying goodbye to all the members and people within my ex area and im gunna miss them all very much but not nearly as much as Elder Garcia, he was a good buddy and i wish him luck in his future endeavors as he returns to his normal life in Mexico. So in the meantime im just getting to know my new sector, getting to know my new companion and trying to enjoy and embrace every moment. Pray for me to adjust well and pray that Elder Jacobsen and I enjoy this cambio that lies ahead of us. Im sending my love to all of you as you prepare for the Holidays. ALl is well and its gunna be a hot christmas for your favorite Missionary in Chile. 

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts abotu chile:
1. 4 months with one person makes you miss them a lot when they leave
2. They have this version of fruit cake called Pan de Pascua here that everyone eats all of December and im already bored of it haha

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