Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 17 - The one with all the blessings

¡Hola! The time has come again to write all you wonderful people and let me say how nice it has been to recieve some emails from some of you. It´s so refreshing to hear about things going on the other side of the hemisphere haha. I hope you all had a great week like I did and i ould love to hear from you guys when you have the chance! shoot me an email! So onto the past 7 days...

so this week was kind of all over the place like i know i experienced a whole bunch of different things but now that im sitting in front of the computer it´s hard to recall them. So lets see what i can recap...we had a lot of lessons, knocking on doors, a lot of times we were bailed on for appointments (not upset though), we were just all over the place this week. sorry i dont have too many funny stories or anything overly significant to share this week. we´ve been screamed at by drunk people, we´ve been chased by dogs, we´ve walked for miles in the cold rain, and ive accidently stepped in more dog poop than i´d like to admit to this week. I hope youre all getting a feel for what my daily life is like by now haha.

One awesome experience that i do want to talk about is the fact that i´ve had the opportunity to give a blessing at least once every day this past week. It has been such a neat experience, we´ll be eating lunch or visiting a member and then all of a sudden we´ll be asked or called to go gie a blessing to someone. There´s so many sick people right now and so little number of people who have the priesthood authority to give blessings so i gues its up to us haha. I´ve given a blessing to every type of infirmity this week:headaches, common colds, knee injuries...you name it! and this pastthursday i think we were visiting this inactive family who is starting to come back to the church and all of a sudden one of the daughters who is in her 30s asked us if we could give her a blessing. Her father isnt worthy to give blessings yet and her husband isnt a member of the church. we asked what she needed the blessing for and she tearfully told us she has uterus cancer. I could tell it took a lot for her to open up to us like that and i could tell she has the faith necessary for us to perform the blessing. So we went along and gave her the blessing and let me tell you i could feel how sick she was, i could tell she needed the Lord´s help and i could tell that she had the humility and the faith she needed to finally ask for help. The Lord is ready to help all of us, he´s just waiting for us to ask. I´m so grateful for the opportunity we have to ask for help, im so grateful for the access that we have to priesthood blessings and most of all im grateful for the Priesthood authority that we have on the earth to act in the name of Jesus Christ and administer to those that need our help. Becuase we have this Priesthood authority which is the power of God himself to act in his name, we have the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth, it has been restored using such proper authority and that is what makes the difference between every other church on the earth and our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church is true. 

Well thats all i have to report for this past week but stay tuned to hear more adventures of Elder Cabrera taking on Santiago, Chile. i send my love and best wishes to all of you and our families. Until next week.

Elder Carlos Cabrera

Fact of the week:
1. Chileans love mayonaise and im actually convinced they can put it on any type of food item and think it makes it better, id have to disagree...
2. Apparently in Chile when you want to buy like a 2 liter soda bottle you can not buy it without having an empty 2 liter soda bottle to exchange becaue here when you buy the soda bottle youre only buying the soda within the bottle as opposed to the US where when you buy the bottle youre buying the bottle itself as well. so my question is...how does one begin to buy soda in chile if they must always need a bottle to exchange...i see faults in that system

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