Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 16-carabineros, technical difficulties, climbing mountains and mas

¡Hola Amigos y Familia¡ Here again is your favorite missionary in the Chile Santiago North Mission (or at least i hope i am). Before i get started i hope you all are well and you had a splendid week. So on to the events of the week.

So this past friday we recieved a phone call from an unknown number saying he is a missionary who arrived to Chile last night and he needs our help. So we arrived at this random address to find Elder Santiago, a peruvian missionary who served 2 years in Bolivia, he has finished his 2 years and instead of returning to Peru he chose to come to Chile to live with his mom. Except one small issue, he hasnt been released from being a missionary. For those that dont know when a missionary is about to leave on his mission he is "set apart" or ordained a missionary by a leader in our church called the Stake President. And so when one returns home after his/or her service is up they have to be "released" from their missionary service which results in them taking off their missionary plaque and becoming a normal person again. So hence this Elder Santiago, now called Frank, had to spend the entire day with us being a missionary until that night when our stake president could meet with him to release him. was quite an interesting experience walking around in 3 with this basically dead missionary haha. 

Another highlight of the week actually took place today during our Pday when we hiked this mountain called Cerro San Cristobal. It was awesome it has this huge statue of the Virgin Mary on top and its very well known throughout Santiago. It was a blast always nice to mix things up and do a bit of hiking and sight seeing. Sometimes its still weird to think im in Santiago, Chile. Sometimes when youre just going about your business you forget where you are in the world. After more than 2 months here i still have my moments where i say "Wow im in CHILE!" haha my comp gets a kick out of it. 

As far as the work is going here we´re slowly finding more people interesting in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we found a wonderful family who now has a date to be baptized, well at least there parents do, i hope all goes according to plan and i hope they continue to read the scriptures, pray and develop their personal testimonies of this gospel. i know it will change their lives for the better if they do. This Gospel changes lives, it brings families together, it brings joy into a home, and it gives people the opportunity to better their lives forever here on earth and the life to come. 

Thats all for this week, take care, love one another, and remember...theres someone in Santiago Chile thats thinking about you.

Elder Carlos Cabrera

Facts of the week:
1. Chileans love to talk about their soccer team when they win, but even more so when they lose. Chileans critize their own team more than probably other countries do.
2. For gringo missionaries, what they dont tell you is that not only will you serve as a missionary but a translator as well. i swear ive translated every type of homework assignment this week, i should start charging...
3. if you have food in your hand while walking down the street, make sure to keep your hands high, or else you will lose it to the army of dogs that are ready for their lunch. Lesson learned.

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