Thursday, July 6, 2017

thanks for everything President Videla

hola Everybody!!! i know i know im writing late this week but tusday we had a big conference so they moved my writing day to thursday! no worres im alive! haha actually ive been so busy and this week has been so crazy that id say im more than alive im all over the place!!! lets just get to the week...

Alright ell best part of the week, Patricia and Walter got baptized!!!! after a lot of drama and obstacles that the adversary put in their paths and by relations, ours, the were able to make their first covenants with the Lord and enter the waters of baptism. thhe water might have been a little freezing but hey rain or shine this thing was gunna happen. and it all turned out beautiful and they are happier and smiling more than ever. truly great day after a lot of trials, take that Satan.
 Another super cool thing, i officially have been on the mission for more than a year and this past wednesday i hit m year mark so to follow tradition, i burned a white shirt to celebrate, i know how basic. but yeah all is well we had a great farewell for our President Videla since he finishing his 3 years of mission ervice as our leader and mission father figure. but we are all ery excited for President Meservy who should be on his way here and we pray for him and his famil that they might arrive safely and get going on this awesome opportunity to serve the Lord. Life is good.

thats about it ill talk to ya'll again on the 4th so take care and much love.
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week: 
1. i might be the only Carlos that ou guys know (beides my dad and grandpa) and tat makes me feel special, but here i might as well be a john or matt or jake in united states comaprison, i might be able to even find a female Carlos if i look hard enough
2. tell one person that your "chicano" and they never forget it, they might forget your name or what color hair you have but they shall never forget the chicano haha 
3. apparently i speak ghetto chilean, how could that even be im gringo that shouldnt be possible


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