Thursday, July 6, 2017

the one with my 4th of July in Chile

well im breaking tradition today, no spanish because we're celebrating the birth of the great U.S. of A. i hope youve all had a great day and an even better night watching fireworks and enjoying company to celebrate this awesome holiday. so today to celebrate a little bit we decided to go as a american as we possible could today and cook some burgers on the grill and i even got a buddy of mine to hook me up with rootbeers that are nearly impossible to find here in santiago, all the gringos were thanking me with their lives. haha. but no it was awesome we got together grilled played some basketball, ping pong, and just enjoyed the day. there might have been at least 7 latinos amongst us but they were good sports about it. and whos gunna say no to a burger and a rootbeer? 

so it hasnt been that long since i wrote ya'll last but to update a little our recent convert Patricia got confirmed this past sunday and that was very powerul i was able to particpate in the ordinance and i could seriously feel the presence of the holy ghost and she recieved it on sunday. very spiritual day, felt the spirit a lot, cant ask for better than that. but other than that we're still working with the rest of the family Kenyi and Maria trying to get them married, might go into to wedding planning after the mission...nah probably not but yeah thats where we're at for now. 

All is great down here, not the same for the 4th but just waiting until Chiles independence day thats when the real parties get going down here haha. I love ya'll very much, Happy 4th once again and have a great week, until next time.

Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week.
1. chileans are in LOVE with barbecues they just go nuts for a barbecue thats how anybody celebrates anything down here
2. even when chile loses in soccer chileans still find a reason to honk horns and celebrate, at least theyre not poor losers ill give them that
3. the average latino does not know what root beer even is, that should be a crime against humanity


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