Wednesday, June 21, 2017

the one with the new missionary in the rain and learning to cook

hola everybody!!! reporting to yall once again from santiago Chile we are alive and well and even though we're freazing our butts off writing this email we are doing great and having the time of our lives here in Chile. this week really flew by with everything that we had going on. time is flying as ive passed the year mark and going on year 2. wow how it flies. 

so this week we had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with some brand new missionaries who are still in the MTC learning spanish and how to be a missionary(its not as easy as it looks). so yeah Elder Andrade and i had the opportunity to spend 3 hours with Elder Fitch was Seattle. great guy and just wants to work and bring people to Christ. i loved it. we had some weird lessons with haitians that didnt understand a thing (still working on the french) and spent the majority of it in the pouring rain, pour Elder Fitch in his brand new suit. he was a good sport about it.  

another event took place so besides church in which i was asked to speak about 5 minutes before it ws my turn to speak i quickly grabbed my scriptures and figured out what i would say about priesthood, believe it or not i actually had to be told by Bishop to wrap it up because i was going over on time, i thought i wouldnt have anything to say but the words just came, thank you Spirit. 
then we had our Capillas Abiertas and it was a bit complicated with it being Fathers Day (OH HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU DAD OUT THERE) and The Chile national team was playing and when they play even the flies stop buzzing. so yeah not much success bit i had a great time all the same. so yeah definitely making a lot of memories over here and loving every day. 

this week we will be having a baptism so stand by for photos its gunna be great!!!
I love you guys very much and i wish you all an awesome week!
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week.
1. to heat up a shower you have this thing caled a califactor which has to be lit by flame or the water to get warm and when its not working properly, you cant imagine the shower frustrations that might arise
2. a bottle top cut of works realy well as a funnel, innovation on a budget
3. you can take any bus in Santiago for free with one simple word "Permiso" obviously its not ideal but hey it happens

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