Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The week with my now legal companion and a baptism

Hola Hola everybody!!! Man this week went by fast i cant believe im writing all ya'll again so soon. Things fly when youre busy. This week was full of fun and good times and even a beautiful baptism as well! Im doing good down here just teaching and taking care of what ive been called to do. Now into a little more detail...

SO this week we had to spend a solid amount of time outside the sector because my comp has come to the end of his temporary visa that he got when he got to Chile so we had to go make sure he's here legally so we got a bunch of paper work done and soon he'll get his sweet Chilean citizenship that i have that i showed you all maybe a week or so ago. SO that was fun especially since i didnt have to do anything i just had to be there and hang out with other missioanry buddies of mine that were doin the same stuff. We waited in some long lines but hey i didnt mind at all. and we took some cool pics as well.

But the best part of this week was that one of our investigators Sofia Kayiza (17) got baptized this past sunday. shes the first member in her family and she has such a strong testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and this church. She cried the moment she emerged from the water and it truly touched my heart and seeing how happy she was and even hiow happy all her friends and family that were there really showed me the importance of what i do. I work as a tool in the Lord's hands to bring happiness to His children. Nothing more special or more important i could be doing right now in my life. 

So that was my week in a nutshell and it was a good one, one for the books. Thank you for all your love and support always, i can feel it. I love you all and i hope you all have a great week. 

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. Nobody here knows how to use google to answers all their random questions, when someone asks a question and they dont know the answer, they just remain satisfied not knowing the answer....use that thing you have in your hand for some good!!! it kills me
2. Chileans feel the need to label everything that is high in suger with a very obvious high in sugar sticker..."oh really this huge soda and candy bar has sugar in it, i had no idea"
3. Since Chileans are all like 5'7'' or shorter they dont feel the need to trim the trees to accomodate someone a bit taller, as if thats not even a possibility to be taller than that

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