Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The one with the Latino Joseph Smith and the dog attack

Hola Hola everyone! I hope all is well in the great USA. As the holidays have passed all seems chill back at home. Many of you are probably wondering about my cubject bar and dont worry all will be revealed in good time. All that is important to remember is that we are well in Chile, doing the Lord's work and living a whole lot of experiences.

So onto the week,

this past week was the end of the 6 weeks that we have and every 6 weeks we have the option of having changes in companion or area but for me and Elder Jacobsen, we changed...nothing hahaha so no news on that front we're just working and living same old same old.

So onto the latino Joseph Smith, on sunday we got a call from a member in our ward asking if we could come over and talk to this 10 year old boy as fast as possible and at first we were a bit caught off guard and we wanted to know what was the urgency to get to this 10 year old kid. well we got there and we walked in to find little Benjamin, he is 10 and he had 7 questions that only the missionaries would be able to answer (we're basically a wikipedia when it comes to the Gospel or anythign about God haha) and so he kindly asked us to sit down, we began with a prayer and he began with his questions. I thought theyd be easy, 7 questions from a 10 year old, we'll be done in 10 minutes. man was i wrong, we were asked more profound questions about God, the after life, the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how he could receive an answer from God than by the majority of the other investigators we talked to in their 50s hahaha. But with help from the Spirit and a lot of studying we were able to answer every question he had and we are going to began teaching him so he can have the option to be baptized if he feels ready. This kid could be the domino that begins the slavation of his little brother, his mother and a lot of his family. I look forward to what Benjamin has in store for us. 

ANd as far as the dog thing, i dont know what happened, we entered this alley way where a member lived and when we got there this dog began to jump at us and a few times nipped at my forearm or my shoes as i tried to kick him off and he ended up backing me out of the alley way only to later be eventually rescued by the member we were trying to visit, my comp meanwhile was enjoying the show....but all is well i made it out without a scratch but just a tad traumatized hahaha. 

so that was my week, hope ya'll liked it and there will be more funny stories to come im sure haha. i love you all and have a great week

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. Dogs do have the ability to back down missionaries out of an alleyway
2. old ladies find great enjoyment from hitting on the missionaries
3. drunk chileans love to hug the missionaries as they pass them on the street because they think thats what Jesus would do apparently...

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