Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the one with the first week of the 2017

Hola Hola como estamos??? i hope that you are all well and im sending my best to everyone from here in caloroso Santiago. As you are all bundled up we are in the hottest part of the year and t I've never wished for winter so much in my life. But other than that all is good down here just working hard and serving the people in any way i can. 

On to the week...
SO when i said that i've been serving in everyway i can i truly do mean it. This past week has been all about service for me. This past week i have been doing manual labor is peoples backyards/ranch thingy, ive been teaching english to people everyway tuesday night and the past couple days ive been teaching math to a few struggles members of the church who need it to get a job. AND on top of all of that im teaching the Gospel and helping others come unto Christ and to know more about Him. SO yeah ive had my hands full this week haha. 

As far as the work is going, we hit a slow season since we baptized all of our genuine investiagtors so we've just been trying to find more people to teach and we have been having some success. Im not going to write about all of them but one experience that i had this week is that we went to go visit this family that hasnt gone to church in quite some time and one of the older daughters whos 20 nasked us if we could teach her math, and i said only if you go to church on sunday. and she went, she took her other sisters and one of those sisters brought a friend and that friend loved it so much that at the end of church she came up to us and told us she wants to get baptized. Yeah how amazing is that. She felt the spirit so strongly and she knew this was the truth that she wants to get baptized as soon as she can, but first we have to teach her and make sure she knows the importance of baptism and the covenant shes making with Heavenly Father. If all goes well she will get baptized the 22 of January. What an awesome experience. 

Well thats about it just working hard, serving the people and trying to be more like our Savior Jesus Christ, day by day. I love you all and i challenge you all to look for ways to serve those around you, not for the attention or the accolades but because you know thats what Christ would do. Have a great week!

Until next time,
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. So apparently its lady bug season here and they are EVERYWHERE, and one thing i didnt know before is that at least Chilean Ladybugs bite HARD. Never thought id suffer a death by ladybugs
2. Apparently i look old enought to have an 18 year old son because when i met this one older lady at her door she saw me and Elder Jacobsen and asked if she was my son and that he looked just like me, she had to be smoking something...
3. A popular dessert here for missionaries to be given is apparently half a watermelon and its considered a disgrace if you dont finish it all, forgive me for not having the water capacity in my stomach...

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