Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The one with the changes to my everyday life

Hola Hola everybody! i hope you all have been well its me again reporting to you all live from Santiago Chile where everything is hot and sunny. So this week has been a week of a lot of ups and downs and a lot of growth for me. It's so crazy how much one can learn in the mission in just one week. Im sure my missionary buddies could attest to that. But no everythings been well just working hard and trying to make the most of this time that i have. This time is so short and so sacred, Im trying to use it the best i can. 

So this week...

We have a training session with the council of missionary work which boradcasted to all the missionaries around the world and on this council includes 3 of the 12 apostles. Elder Oaks, Bednar and Nielsen. Including others as well. But we recievd further instruction on how we can better the missionary work that we are doing to help others recieve this gospel and grow closer to our Savior. A few things that have changed for us is our everyday schedule of how we do things. So far in my mission ive had a very strict schedule as to when i study my language that im using, when i study with my companion, when i eat lunch and when i eat dinner. But the changes that took place allow us to have more flexibility and allow us to decide when we would like to do the following things depending on our daily schedule and appointments we have with others. Another thing had to do with  numbers that we report to our leaders everyweek and i absolutely love the changes because it allows us to decide how we want to do things to best lead the work that we're doing and how we want to do it. very awesome.

that was the biggest thing i got this week, all is well and things are going okay down here in Chile. I love and miss you all very much. until next time,

your favorite chile missionary

Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts about chile:
1. Chileans say "si Dios quire" to answer everytime you want them to do something for you which literally just translates to "if God wants" haha
2. The mail system in Chile is terrible, you have to go to a postal service place to do anything, they dont have mailboxes here for people to recieve stuff at their houses
3. Latinos call us Gringos because in Spanish American War when we were fighting the Mexicans could only understand when the captains would say "Green, GO!" and so they nicknamed us Gringos..and there you have it

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  1. Great to hear a report from the front lines Elder- Return with honor! Know that your mother is doing great at Pathway and speaks kindly of you, and is really proud of the work you are doing.