Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The one with the tramites

Hola everyone!!! Its me again sending you all the weekly update of whats been goin on down here in Chile! I hope you all are well and you all are totally immersed in the Christmas season and enjoying the reason for the season. This week absolutely flew by and it was full of just random activities and a whole lot of work and sweat, yes i feel like im walking in the desert but still hearing christmas music in the streets. 

So this week ive been just getting a hang of the new sector and the new ward that im in and just teaching and getting back in the groove. But this week i had the delightful pleasure of doing something called tramites which is basically like visa paperworks in order to get my Chile citzenship (dont worry im still USA all the way, but its the law) haha. SO that process took forever and i have to go back thursday to finish it but it was a lot of traveling and seeing a bunch of friends of mine from Mexico so that was super dope to catch up and see everyone. 

We had an awesome Christmas Devotional in the stake and it was absolutely beautiful this one guy sang like he should be signed to a record contract, im gunna make a fortune as his manager, call me Simon. So that was beautiful, doesnt feel too much like christmas since im sweating so much to fill my water bottle, sorry probably too much information but hey thats the mission for ya. Merry Christmas to me. 

Anyways all is well, im healthy, i have the gnarliest farmers tan ever, and im happy. I wish you all the best and i love heaing from all of you!

Shouts out to my family for the awesome christmas package and the Woodward Park Primary for sending all those adorable notes! It totally made my week!

Love, Elder Carlos Cabrera

Facts about Chile

1. People hear consider a banana a satisfying dessert, i personally prefer icecream
2. the metro system in chile is extremely well organized and clean, better than New York if you ask me, well done Metro Santiago. 

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