Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2nd week in Chile...check!

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is well and i want you to start off by saying i love you all! Entonces, this has been my second week in Chile and even though the week has gone by fast, i feel like i've done enough things in a week to suffice for like 3 months hahaha. The mission is a rollercoaster with plenty of ups, downs, spins and turns and it even slows down and speeds up. And this ride is gunna keep going for the next 22 months....talk about getting your money's worth.
Alright so highlights of the week, every week we go over to this members house who is 87 years old and he doesn´t know how to read so we spend time reading to him the scripture and then we discuss the scriptures with him. This is a weekly reoccurance and it´s one of my favorite parts of the week because first off, Mario is hilarious and second, i couldn´t imagine not having the ability to read the scriptures let alone read so it brings me joy to perform such a simple service to someone who craves the Gospel so much.
Another constanty reoccurrance is when we pass this botilleria (liquor store) and the owner´s name is Claudio and he alwasy talks to us for a bit. He´s awesome, he´s not interested in the church we´ve tried but he knows all about missionaries and what we do. Anyways he´s awesome everyone in the community loves him and he said that after the mission when i go home and come back to Chile to visit he wants me to stay at his house haha what a guy he calls me Chicano and he's convinced i look like Justin Beiber but thats just not true. All is well here in Santiago, my spanish is getting better everyday and im learning to have patience and to trust in the Lord. With these two things and hard work, all good things will come in time.

Random facts about chile:
1. Chileans eat 4 meals a day and the meal between lunch and dinner is called once and it usually consists of bread and this terrible version of hot chocolate called eccos which is composed of cereal grain and its terrible but whatever.
2. Chileans consume more bread in a week than any human being should
3. Chileans are terrible at speaking english they can´t pronounce anything for their life
4. There are tons of Haitians here in Chile and they speak creole and french so im learning a bit of french right now too in order to teach them,

im sure ill have more things to come but standby, anyways thats it for this week i love you all! 

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