Saturday, August 5, 2017

the one with conference with President

Hola everybody man its been a busy week this past 7 days and theres no way i remember everything that happened but it had to be one the most fun weeks of my mission. im doing super well down here we're teaching so many people its hard to get to everybody and we're just having a blast. 

so yesterday we had a zone conference with our new but awesome President Meservy. it was so spiritually uplifting and i learned a lot, i can tell i have a lot to learn still in the mission and from our inspired mission president. plus his kids are awesome Micah and Jayden. But theres not much to say about this week, Elder Mackay and I are just having the time of our lives being companions and he continues to rip his pants in hilarious ways, ripped them yesterday right before President showed up, had to staple his pants together so not everyone could see his underweart hahaha 

but other than that the work is coming along a lot of potential in the making. and im loving being a missionary and seeing the happiness that i could bring to families. they just light up when they see our faces at the door. i have a firm testimony that this is the best thing i could be doing with my life these 2 years ive dedicated to the Lord. the Lord has a plan for me and im slowly being molded by the experiences and opportunities i have here, not a better 2 years for my life than this. 

i love you all and i wish you a great week,
Elder Carlos Cabrera

facts of the week:
1. buying in bulk doesnt exist here like costco or sams club, its a shame
2. there has to be a million ways to cook rice because peruvians know everyway to do it
3. haitian babies have to be the cutest babies on the planet, i cant tell if theyre speaking creole or baby jibberish, but i love it either way

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