Thursday, June 30, 2016


¡HOLA! from beautiful Mexico CIty! Well actually the CCM in Mexico CIty! Let me tell you guys, longest 9 days of my entire life! I feel like I´ve been here for months hahaha. Anyways, let´s see what to say, so much has happened! 

My compañero (companion) is pretty chill he´s from San Diego and his name is Elder Ortiz. We´re the same in the sense that every latino we come across thinks we are fluent in spanish because of our last names but that is definitely not the case hahaha. Even though my compañero and i are like total opposites of each other I´d say we compliment each other as well as to be expected haha.
But for real though, for it only being 9 days i feel like I´ve been able to pick up so much spanish in such little time. This is like Rosetta Stone on steroids haha. I´m able to understand a lot of things being said to me unless one of the latinos just starts going off then i just give up haha but that rarely happens and everyone knows I´m still learning.

 It´s amazing how fast  everything happens here in the CCM like I´ve never been so efficient in my life. I taught my first missionary discussion on Day 3 and it was absolutely terrifying haha but i know that if I trust in the Lord and try my best, the language will come. I miss you all so very much and I think about all my loved ones often, but don´t worry because im having the experience of a lifetime here. 
With Love, 
Elder Cabrera

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